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Claimed:KJA's Offseason


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Since being eliminated from the playoffs, Konstantin Azhishchenkov is surprisingly free. After the last practice, Konstantin cleaned out his locker and began to ponder about next season.


Konstantin is not expected to stay in Ottawa following the VHLM Dispersal Draft as interest has been shown across the VHLM for his talents. Many believe that Konstantin will be drafted by his agent's team, Yukon Rush. His agent, Mr. Devilsfire, has accepted the position of assistant GM for Yukon midway through Konstantin's Rookie season. 



Last time Konstantin will be in the Ottawa Locker room this season


"It would be nice to join my agent in Yukon," said KJA, "but I do not have a specific team that I am hoping to play for."


Since the season ended, Konstantin has left Ottawa and is planning to spend the offseason with his family in Michigan.


“Since Boychuck was heading back home,” said KJA, “I thought it would be a good idea for me to spend the offseason with my friends and family back home.”


A lot has changed in Port Huron, and many celebrate KJA’s success in the minors. Everyone seemed to be tracking KJA’s success.


“Having someone from our town make the minor leagues and become a highly touted prospect and an almost definite first rounder is something we folk here celebrate and pay attention to,” said Kate Upton, KJA’s neighbor.


Rob Gow III also decided to take some time out of his busy schedule to be an ambassador for the Riga Reign and gage KJA’s interest in joining the Reign.


“KJA is quite an interesting boy, and I was afraid he was too shy,” said RG3 in an interview,” but WAS I WRONG!”



Konstantin in his last game of his rookie season


RG3 is referring to an incident where KJA, who understands English fairly well, but lacks the ability to speak it well, had to be restrained after he raged at a patron, who was dining at the same restaurant as he, because he was boasting about the Confederate States of America and was trying to defend their actions. It was really a one-sided rage as the patron did not know Russian.


“I had no idea that KJA was so passionately against the Confederates,” said RG3, “in talking with the translator after the altercation, it surprised me that KJA knew so much about the Civil War.”


Another interesting news rumor going around is that there is a possibility of a Michelle Jenneke and KJA hook-up as the Australian hurdler and model, who won a silver medal for the 100 m hurdles at the 2010 Summer Youth Olympics, tweeted that she has always wanted to know how to skate, and would love for KJA to teach her.


“Konstantin is really cute, shy, and really good at ice hockey,” said Jenneke when asked about her tweet, “and he has such an awesome name. I would love to be friends with him and learn to skate from him.”



Michelle Jenneke... Super hot right?


Wait has KJA just been friend-zoned? Only time will tell, but more importantly, how did this 19-year-old get on Jenneke’s radar???


As you can tell, this offseason is going to be dry in terms of articles, hopefully our rising star does something interesting or something interesting happens in the draft because otherwise, we will be talking about KJA and his growing number of admirers… *cough* lucky bastard *cough*



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Content: 3/3 - Pretty interesting insight on KJA here, who would've thought a Russian player would be so interested in America's Civil War? Just remember, don't blame the common Southern foot soldier for what happened. It was not their war, but it became their fight.
Grammar: 2/2 - Solid job here.
his agent's team, Yukon Rush = his agent's team, the Yukon Rush
offseason = off-season
 *cough* lucky bastard *cough* =  *cough* lucky bastard. *cough*
Appearance: 1/1 - EYE CANDY!
Overall: 6/6 - Good job sir. :D
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