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Claimed:Delusions of Grandeur


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Delusions of Grandeur


The VHL has always been a league where players, GMs, and agents often fancy their chances more highly than they should, and in doing so, often the bubbles are burst in rather harsh ways. Other times, things that the league perceives as delusions of grandeur on the part of an individual turn out not to have been the case; in these instances, the individual proves to be right. Right now is no exception, but several of these cases can go either way.


1.      Gregreg



Seattle Bears GM Gregreg was quoted after the fourth game of his team’s series against the Quebec City Meute as having said, “We’re just as good as Quebec so I’m glad we showed up for some games. Anything can happen now!” While part of this statement is undeniably true, as of course anything can happen since the series is tied at two games each, the other part may classify as a delusion of grandeur. Gregreg claims that the Bears are just as good as the Meute. On the whole, a clearer way to define which team is better is with the 72-game sample size of a regular season. A playoff series, as short as seven games or fewer, doesn’t truly determine which team is better. One team can get hot and win enough games to steal a playoff series, or additionally, one team’s tactical style can line up well against another team’s tactical style. With a larger sample size, as well as the chance to play against a variety of teams, one can more accurately determine which team is better. In this case, Quebec heavily defeated Seattle. However, in Seattle’s defense, several players underperformed in the regular season, most importantly including goaltender Steven Smyl. If Smyl had performed as expected, the totals would have been much closer, but would it have been enough to make Seattle “just as good as Quebec” or would the Bears still have fell short?


2.      Devise22



Devise22, agent of Quebec goaltender Skylar Rift as well as prospect Logan Laich, has been quoted after the same game as having said, “Yeah I wish more of my asshole teammates would be around so this could actually be an entertaining little series of some flame.” During Rift’s career, Devise has widely adopted the persona of a firebrand, willing to get into any debate that will increase the tension and subsequent activity of a series or thread. However, it’s not generally been something that his teammates have gotten into alongside him. Jericho, agent of Wesley Kellinger, has often joined in on the debates, but many other Meute-affiliated league members have been more peaceful, especially Quebec GM Koradek. So while on one hand, Devise is correct that it would be more entertaining from an outsider’s view if more people joined him in his debate on the series, it’s also a rather unrealistic request on his part when his team hasn’t been so vocal recently anyway. Admittedly, this is a far cry from the Meute of only a few seasons ago, who were all over the boards proclaiming their superiority.


3.      Da Trifecta



In the wake of the Helsinki Titans’ sweep of the Cologne Express, Da Trifecta, agent of Davos forward Davey Jones was quoted as having said, “All roads lead to Davos.” While solely within the conference, this is technically correct, as regardless of which team (Helsinki or Cologne) had won their first round series, Davos would have home ice against the winner in the second round, the playoffs are not a one conference ordeal. On the whole, both the Quebec City Meute and Toronto Legion of the North American Conference would be given home ice against Davos in a potential final series. All roads would in fact lead to Davos temporarily, but those same roads take a detour shortly thereafter to either Quebec or Toronto.


These are just three examples of potential delusions of grandeur within the VHL and its members in the last few days. Historically, the playoffs do tend to bring out these sorts of claims among those who qualified, especially from a strong team. Will the league’s perception be what plays out in reality, or will these members prove to be right?

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Your last point is partial right. All roads would lead through Davos if Seattle was able to beat Que and Tor but I don't see that happening.

True, it is possible for Davos to be at home in the finals, it's just very unlikely. In any case, I'm glad to see someone actually commenting on one of my articles, I've always prioritized discussion over a quick grade for myself anyway.

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I feel like there's something to be said of improvement throughout the season too though. Seattle has a whole host of active players (hell, Ball's ~24 point update right before the playoffs might have played a big role in Game 4), while Quebec hasn't been as active. While there's still a gap, it's not the same gap that was there during the regular season.

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Content 3/3: Very interesting read. I have not paid much attention to the playoffs, and I probably should. I dont have a perception yet, but I wonder if the league perception is right.

Grammar 2/2: Nothing!

Appearance 1/1: Maybe make the quotes a different color next time? Otherwise its fine.

Overall 6/6: I have no idea who may win the cup, but I wish all the teams luck!

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