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The Man, The Myth, The Legend
I am here with the legendary Thomas Landry and I got the chance to sit down with him and ask him a few questions. We all know that he was drafted by the New York Americans and then later traded to Davos as part of a rebuild for the New York Americans. Well I felt that he should be heard on a few of his thoughts that he may not have gotten the chance to say himself. I will be asking him some rather personal questions. I hope you all appreciate the kind words he has to say.
R 1. Now your first season wasn't as productive as many of the other rookies in the league, were you a little bit worried when you didn't come out firing on all cylinders?
TL 1. Not exactly, as I came into the VHL with more or less the bare minimum amount of practice hours needed. To be completely honest, I did expect to get more points based on the quality of the teammates I had on that New York squad, guys who may all one day be in the Hall of Fame. It would just come down to working harder and I knew the stats would eventually show for it.
R 2. Ever since coming to Davos, have you been excited to be playing for such a great GM in Victor? What do you love about playing for the Dynamo.
TL 2. I knew early on in my time with the Americans that I would eventually be traded due to their impending rebuild. At first I did not want to leave New York, but the HC Davos Dynamo soon came under new management through Victor Alfredsson, who I had met through Alexander Chershenko. The two of them had been mentor figures to me, so I was quite eager to see how they did in Davos. I came to be very impressed with what they were setting up and I knew that I wanted to be a part of it. So, you could say that Victor Alfredsson is not just a reason, but the reason why I am a member of the Dynamo today.
R 3. Davos has been playoff bound for 2 years now and it seems like they are going to be forming a dynasty. Do you honestly believe that it is possible that they could?
TL 3. It's absolutely possible. There's a great core group here in Davos that are very young. It didn't look good with Tony Stark not panning out and Lennox Moher drifting away, but with Odin Tordahl and Davey Jones bringing energy back into Davos, Moher has been better than ever and we've been even stronger. If the focus remains on the team instead of individual gain, this could be a powerful team for some time.
R 4. In your short career, who would you consider one of the better linemates that you have played with and what makes them stand out?
TL 4. I have played with David Smalling and Phil Rafter, but Davey Jones is playing at a level arguably higher than theirs in just his second season in the VHL. It's hard to believe that someone can be that good that quickly, but Davey has just had "it" from Day One. I've played with him in the VHLM and he just gets better and better. It's scary to think what he might do once he reaches his prime.
R 5. Outside of Davos, who would you like to see win the Cup? I understand there are 2 conferences but it could be either a team from the North American Conference or the European Conference.
TL 5. There is only one team I want to see win the Cup that is in the post-season and that is the Dynamo. If the Americans had reached the playoffs, I could not have brought myself to not root for them. But alas, they aren't in, so it's either Davos or nothing in my eyes.
Well thank you for that very interesting interview Tom. It was great to see what you thought about not only the team you play for but a little bit about other people and teams in the league. Tom is not only a man of mystery but he is a great teammate to play with. His presence in the locker room is something enjoyable and entertaining. If you ever get the chance to meet him in person, you will see what a excellent personality this guy has. Watch film on him, watch him play games, whatever you do, just enjoy what he does when he is on the ice because his play is legendary and is not mirrored by anyone else. I know first hand from a prior interview with Davey Jones that he loves playing with Tom. They have been close friends since their time in Bratislava and given the opportunity to play in Davos with Tom was something amazing. Ever since Davey got traded to Davos, Tom has been not only a lot more happy, but has become more comfortable with the player that he has become. I will be continuing the saga of ever wonderful interviews next week. Who knows who will be starring on the show, but stay tuned because it could very much be you who will be interviewed.
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Content: 3/3 - It seems as if Landry has found his home on the Dynamo. With the kind of year Davos has had all year, you could imagine that this was a match made in heaven.


Grammar: 2/2 - Nothing big just one minor error.


Day One - day one


Appearance: 1/1 - Oooh, pretty colors.


Overall: 6/6


Final: 6/6

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