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You Have Been Warned...


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As a thank you for spending a few days as Riga's ambassador, Konstantin Azhishchenkov took Robert Gow III out for dinner.


"We went to some Cajun Restaurant in Michigan together to try it out," said KJA, "and I thought it was good. RG3 however...."


After going to the Cajun restaurant, KJA and RG3 decided to take a walk instead of take a car to KJA's  house.


"I could not believe him," said KJA, "The entire way RG3 kept ripping them! AND THEY SMELLED AWFUL! NO WAY AM I GOING TO GO TO A CAJUN RESTAURANT WITH RG3 AGAIN!!"


If you do not know what "ripping them" means, I will tell you here: he farted.


"We passed by a group of chicks and I had to make sure they knew it was not my cologne that smelled so awful," said KJA.


So basically, the moral of the story is, DO NOT TAKE RG3 OUT TO CAJUN EVER!

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