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Will the Revolving Door of VHLM GM's Stop?


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Every off-season, VHLM general manager changes seem to be a given. The reason for the alteration in power varies, but the fact remains that this constantly occurs every off-season. It becomes an unhealthy situation when two or three spots open constantly, as no consistency remains. These VHLM GM jobs are intended to build future VHL GM's, but if people are replaced every few seasons, how can one possibly garner enough experience to eventually take over the reigns of a VHL squad?


Moreover, selection for the new VHLM GM's needs to be heavily considered. There is nothing wrong picking a seasoned member, it's good to have an adequate balance of both fresh and old blood. However, we can't pick one side for the sake of one side. Pick the more active newbie over the veteran, or vice versa. It has, and will always remain a delicate situation, but I would love to see a span of at least two or three seasons without a VHLM GM change.

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But because high activity is always at a premium, I feel like it's almost better to have a revolving door of VHLM GMs. For instance, I was named Oslo GM as a replacement for Sandow, who was quickly losing activity (and is no longer active). If I didn't take over, the team probably would have been screwed. But when I received the financier job and was S34 World Cup Commissioner two seasons later, I realized I wouldn't be able to commit proper attention to the job either, so I handed it off to Doomsday.


Ultimately, I feel like activity should take precedent over longevity, and while it would be great to have both, often doesn't happen that way.

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