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[ Mikey Blade – The Complete Rookie Profile ]


Player Name: Mikey Blade

Number: 11

Height: Six feet Three inches

Weight: Two hundred and fifteen pounds

Shoots: Right

Position: Winger

VHL Team: Seattle Bears

VHLM Team(s): Turku Outlaws, Bern Royals

Born In: Anaheim, California

Currently Living: Seattle, Washington


Mikey Blade entered the VHLM three seasons ago just after the entry draft that could have seen him be quite the steal. The Outlaws had just built a great contending team and wanted to add one more piece in order to push them over the edge. Blade had been scouted heavily by the Turku scouts and overall they were impressed enough to pick him up. Blade didn’t play maximum minutes to begin, simply because no one knew who he was, but it didn’t take long for him to make a name for himself. In his first official season, Blade managed to notch over one hundred points helping the Outlaws make it to the playoffs, unfortunately their dreams were crushed and they were unsuccessful in winning it all. Because Blade had impressed so many people after no one knowing who he was, his ranking in the upcoming draft had gone through the roof, placing him close to the top. While other guys had been in the league longer than him, giving them more practice hours, he was still picked in the first round. The Seattle Bears decided to move up in the order specifically to pick Blade up. Now that he was a part of the Bears organization, most people believed he’d be featured on their roster as a rookie, but they were wrong. Since Blade never managed to get drafted and was actually a waiver claim, they needed to shove him back into the VHLM entry draft and actually give him a chance to be drafted.




Blade’s agent, InstantRockstar had just recently taken over the Bern Royals who coincidentally had the first overall pick in the draft. Without hesitation, the Royals drafted Blade to the team simply because he had one of the highest practice hours if not the highest of the whole draft class. This was certainly a rare occasion to see a player drafted two times in the same class for both of the leagues. With the season almost underway, the Royals decided to make moves in order to help them compete now, the biggest being the trade for Blade’s current teammate and goalie Steven Smyl. While other teams like Yukon had one of the best drafts in recent history, the Royals put up one hell of a fight coming second in the league for overall standings and automatically clinching a playoff spot. Blade through that whole season with the help of late waiver claim Matt Bentley managed to pick up over one hundred and sixty points, completely smashing his previous career high of just over one hundred. With both the Rush and Royals having such a rivalry, everyone knew that it would be a tough battle if both teams made it to the end, and that is exactly what happened. Unfortunately for the Royals, their winning ways failed to bring them a cup as the Rush managed to almost sweep the team with a 4-1 series win crowning them the season thirty-four champions. Blade had almost lost hope on his abilities, but now it was his time to shine, simply because he was finally going to make it as a major leaguer, signing his official contract with the team.




Blade had a lot of hype built up around him when he got the official call, a lot of people were looking to him to be the next best thing for Seattle, and so he tried to be. Mikey played his first pre-season games with the Bears helping them with a positive record for the first time in a few seasons, but was this a sign? Clearly not, as Blade didn’t do as good as he’d hoped to do compared to how he did in the VHLM. Mikey managed to notch sixty-three points in a full season with the Bears and was one of the few players to actually go positive on the team. What made this lack of production even worse is that the Bears didn’t manage to make it to the playoffs, something Blade had never experienced while being in the minors on teams that were fully competitive.  A lot of people including Blade now had worries and doubts about the kind of player Blade would turn out to be, and while the minors are very different in terms of production, seeing the lack of production in the majors was a huge wake up call for Blade. Currently Blade is in his second season with the Bears and has made a name for himself this time, getting two more points than he did his rookie season while again going positive. This time however, the team DID in fact make it to the playoffs and we’re currently awaiting the results.


So what is good about Mikey Blade? What sets him apart from the rest you may ask, well we’re going to tell you. Mikey is as two-way as they come, he’s an exceptional skater with promising offensive abilities. He’s able to outskate the opposition and score, deke and pass like it comes naturally to him. What makes him so special is that he’s just as good defensively, which isn’t really common in the VHL today. Blade averages more hits than some defenders and can block a shot just as good as the rest of them. Overall, Blade is one hell of a player who has nowhere to go but up. 




I don't believe I ever did this, correct me if I'm wrong.
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Content: 5/5 - Blade has definitely proved that he belongs in the VHL. After dominating the minors, his numbers with the Bears may not be Earth shattering yet, but you can't really say he's done badly either, especially with his commitment to defense as well as offense.


Grammar: 1/1 - A somewhat long list, but a pretty long RP makes up for it, as well as the fact that none of these mistakes take away from the understanding of the article.


playoffs, unfortunately = playoffs. Unfortunately

no one knowing = no one knew

VHLM entry draft = VHLM Dispersal Draft

season thirty-four = Season Thirty-Four

call, a lot = call. A lot

Blade didn’t do as good = Blade didn't do as well

ask, well = ask? Well

just as good = just as well


Appearance: 1/1 - Solid.


500 Words: 1/1 - Yes.


Overall: 8/8

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