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Claimed:VHLM Playoff Preview: Conference Finals


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With the first round of the VHLM playoffs done, one word can be used to describe the results: Expected. Both of the favourites managed to hold off the lesser teams without much trouble. Each of the series ended 4-1 and now the Yukon Rush and Bern Royals are now focusing on their next opponents. Each of these teams are now the underdogs, with one of these series being fairly equal while the other series will be David Vs. Goliath match-up.


North American Conference

Minot Gladiators (1) Vs. Yukon Rush (2)




The Yukon Rush were able to hold off the Saskatoon Wild from pulling off the upset in the opening round, winning it 4-1, and now look to pull off their own upset against the North American Conference champion Minot Gladiators. The Gladiators finished off the season with 46 wins and 96 points, which was 13 points more than the second place Rush. With a +52 goal differential during the season, the Gladiators also hold the advantage there and seem to be like the better team on paper. This series should provide a lot of sparks and this series could easily go 7 games if the Rush come out and play great hockey.


Main Storylines


The thing to watch in this series is if the Yukon Rush can carry over the momentum from handling the Saskatoon Wild in the opening series. If the Rush can get off to a quick start and get the Gladiators on their heels, don't be surprised if the Yukon Rush win this series and move on the face the winner of the European Conference match-up.


Player to Watch


Frédérik Ernst - He got 8 points in 5 games for the Rush in the opening round and will be needing him to continue scoring at this pace in order to beat the Minot Gladiators and move on to the championship series.


European Conference

Bratislava Watchmen (1) Vs. Bern Royals (2)




This series looks to be a lock for the Bratislava Watchmen. They have been a well-oiled machine ll year and have been the favorites to win it all this season. The Bern Royals were able to hold off the Iron Eagles and have punched their ticket into a series that most experts are not giving a chance. The Watchmen only lost 6 games this season and led the league in goal differential with a staggering +193. The Royals are going to need to put forward a great showing this series to even stay in it. Oh and here's an interesting fact: The Watchmen did not lose more than 2 games during a 7 game stretch all season.


Main Story Lines


Can the Bern Royals figure out a way to beat the Watchmen and make sure that they can never get anything going. The Watchmen have just been in a different league all season and will be looking to bring home a title this season. It seems that the Watchmen will be the heavy favorites during the remainder of the playoffs and it's their championship to lose.


Player to Watch


The entire Royals Team - If they are going to beat the Watchmen, it is going to take a whole team effort and everyone on the team will have to be playing their best to even have a shot in this series. If your looking for an underdog story in the playoffs, this is the team that will have to embrace that role and just disrupt the Watchmen.

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Content: 3/3 - The Watchmen delivered as expected, but Yukon is on the brink of sending the Gladiators home. As dickish as it sounds, the title is all but Bratislava's, the only challenge is seeing if someone can manage to prevent them from sweeping their way to the Founder's Cup.
Grammar: 2/2 - Pretty good here.
the other series will be David Vs. Goliath match-up = the other series will be a David Vs. Goliath match-up
favourites/favorites = Use one or the other, not both.
Appearance: 1/1 - Urgh, fuck the Penguins.
Overall: 6/6 - Awww yiss!
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