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Re-Capping Tonight's Events


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Some hilarious drama ensued tonight in the VHL. Here's a quick rundown of the events in case you missed them: (Not done in bullshit Device style):


-Instantrockstar is named General Manager of the Vasteras VHLM franchise.

-Former General Manager Sterling is pissed off with the decision, believing a new member should get the position instead.

-Instantrockstar personal messages sterling in chat, wanting to discuss the situation.

-Discussion turns into argument available in the announcement section under ban thread.

-sterling bans instantrockstar in a fit of rage and subsequently gets him removed as General Manager of Vasteras, opening the application process again.

-D3vilsfire is then named General Manager of Vasteras instantly.

-Several members don't agree with the ban and so instantrockstar is freed from his torment after several minutes.

-Things slowly go back to normal with everyone exchanging pictures of puppies in a new fit of joy.

-The moral of the story is that cooler heads always prevail, but sometimes some drama is needed to light a fire in the league.

-Many lulz were had by everyone else who wasn't involved in the melee. Next week, we'll confront Jamie and Meg for their menstruating attracting bears.

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