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Claimed:Rift Not Ready To Ride Into Sunset


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Rift Not Ready To Ride Into Sunset



QUEBEC CITY - In a climatic series for the ages, the Quebec City Meute were pushed to the very brink by Sebastian Ball Jr. and the Seattle Bears. However, with elimination on the line in a hostile environment away from home, veteran goaltender Skylar Rift seemed to pay no attention to the crowd. Two games in a row, Rift and the Meute entered facing elimination and both times the controversial goalie delivered, holding the Bears to just two goals during those games. The Meute had survived to fight on against the Victory Cup-winning Toronto Legion.


"Yeah, I heard more or less throughout the entire series that I was done, that this was it," said Rift following Quebec City's Game 7 win against the Bears. "But on the ice, their words are meaningless. They aren't the ones taking shots on me, they're not the ones who will take me down.And despite what it may seem to be, I am far from finished with playing hockey."




Shocking the Victory Hockey League by announcing his retirement following this season, Skylar Rift has been the ultimate enigma. Personified by his coolness and consistency on the ice, off the ice he is the vocal leader of the Meute, always fired up and ready to mouth off. He announced that he will retire following the season, yet he has saved some of his best play in order for that season to continue on.


"I don't want to even start to imagine what this team will be like without Skylar next year," said Doug Clifford, a forward for the Meute. "He means so much to this team and without him, Quebec City never would have hoisted the Continental Cup or escaped the basement of the VHL. You can replace him on paper or on the ice, but you can't fill the void of the team's soul just like that."




With Quebec City ready to travel to Toronto for the North American Conference Finals, the stage is set for an absolutely memorable series. Remy LeBeau, the chief rival of Rift, finally has a team around him, resulting in a dominating season for the Toronto Legion on their way to winning the Victory Cup. But while LeBeau has achieved tremendous personal achievements, he now finds himself face-to-face with Rift, who has been to the top of the mountain countless times before. Can LeBeau defeat Rift for the opportunity to finally hoist the Continental Cup?




"It would certainly do wonders for my legacy to go through Skylar Rift to win the Continental Cup," said LeBeau in an interview conducted over the telephone. "It would certainly cheapen my legacy if I could only manage to win once Rift was gone, so to be able to not only beat him, but end his career on my way to a championship... that would be mighty sweet."


The stage has been set for an entertaining series, but only one thing remains clear: Skylar Rift is not going to simply ride off into the sunset without a fight.


Jethro Novacek is a writer for the MSFL Times, purveyors of the most excellent writing. He enjoys Rush, pancakes and being bored with just how much you suck.

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Content: 3/3 - Rift has been excellent in the playoffs so far and I believe he has had a few shutouts. In order to win a cup, teams usually need an elite goalie and Rift brings that to the table for Quebec. Best of luck to Mr. Rift and hopefully he can retire with a cup!


Grammar: 2/2 - Just one mistake. Silly Batman.


down.And  = down. And 


Appearance: 1/1 - Flannel.


Overall: 6/6


Final: 6/6

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