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Reigning In the New Generation


Team chemistry is a mysterious thing, sometimes you think players should be able to work together but they really can’t. Then sometimes players randomly come together and just without reason, do well together. Riga has recently enjoyed the luxury of having an entire trio of players come together in short time and perform extremely well given the circumstances.

The trio of Robin Gow, Robert Gow III and Brennan McQueen has provided Riga fans with a bright light towards the future. Dubbed affectionately the MR. R line, the three youngsters represent a major part of the Reign’s future going forward.


Robin Gow – Center

Arguably the core of the line and face of the franchise, Robin Gow  entered the season and accepted the challenge of being the teams first line center without so much as a complaint. An excellent skater, Gow is a pass first playmaking forward. He is good in faceoff dot, evident with his 49.87% in over 2500 draws in his rookie season. He lead the team in assists with 46, and was a strong presence in all three zones of the ice. It may not look like it on the stats sheet, but many pundits and most of us at VHLHockeyNews believe that he is and will continue to be the key player for the Riga franchise going forward. Two way centers of his capabilities are highly coveted by general managers as they can be relied upon in all situations and as we’ve seen, Robin has progressed the furthest in his game through the year and has displayed flashes of brilliance at times that are only seen in hall of fame players. Gow has endless potential and more than one scout has hinted that he has the ability to be recognized as a generational talent in the near future.


Robert Gow III – Winger

Lining up on the left side of Gow, is the other Gow. Robert Gow III or RGIII as he is more commonly known as, is a smooth skating winger that plays a well rounded game. He lead the Reign in points with 74 in 72 games and for most of the season was also the leading goal scorer as well before McQueen turned on the jets in the second half of the season. While RGIII isn’t the most physical player, he is fairly determined and can hold his own in all zones of play. While he may not have the highest potential of the three players on the line, he is smart enough to know where he needs to be most times and is a great complimentary winger on the line. Ideally Riga would like him to further develop into a top line player, but as it stands currently, RGIII has slowed down in his development a bit. Perhaps indication of him nearing his ceiling? Only time will tell.


Brennan McQueen – Winger

On the right side of the Gow is the hulking beast McQueen. He plays hard, hits hard and shoots hard. Previously recognized in our article as an upcoming star power forward, McQueen has certainly impressed in his rookie season. He lead the league in hits with 371 and lead all rookies and his own team in goals scored with 34. With a fiery temper that has been carefully coaxed by his GM/Coach, McQueen displays all the makings and qualities of a top tier power forward. Never one to back down from challenge, McQueen has at times been a one man wrecking crew, causing havoc in front of the net and in the corners where he does all the gritty work for the team.


Between the three of them, the light is at the end of the tunnel it would seem for Riga. While the team will still expect some growing pains, Riga fans have nothing but optimism and hope to look forward to as they head into S37 bolstered by a GM that knows how to win.

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Let's not forget Tyrael as well.


I chose to do that top line so I could give you guys the line name. 


The MR.R line.


Mr. Riga line?


At least thats what my sleepless head had in mind this morning haha. Bash knows I love him too :)

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Yeah I haven't updated for a little while, but my tpe production has been a little down lately too. 


Hence slowed development :)


Plus you were doing PTs before dec, looks like you collecting welfare now. That's all I based it on.

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Content: 3/3 - Riga certainly has a bright future, but I have a really tough time seeing anyone compete with New York for the cup when that team comes of age. At the very least, the Americans-Reign rivalry will get a couple new chapters with these squads.
Grammar: 1.75/2 - Check yourself before you wreck yourself.
the teams first line center = the team's first line center
Gow is a pass first playmaking = Gow is a pass-first playmaking
He is good in faceoff dot = He is good in the face-off dot
Two way centers = Two-way centers
a smooth skating winger that plays a well rounded game = a smooth-skating winger that plays a well-rounded game
Appearance: 1/1 - I'm amused by the fact that both the Gows have beards, but not Jamie.
Overall: 5.75/6 - Shiiiiiiiet.
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Content: 3/3 -  The McGow line was surprisingly good this year, it seems this line has some great chemistry going with Jamie's physicality, Robin's playmaking, and my goal scoring. As to my slowed down development, it is true my tpe production has gone down lately, but I hope to prove you wrong!


Grammar: 1.75/2 - The Civil War veteran got this.


Appearance: 1/1 - Looks good.


Overall: 5.75/6


Final: 6/6

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