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Into the Future of Boychuk


With the season over and the playoffs beginning the the VHLM, the players of the Ottawa Lynx are done for the year. Bags have been packed, flights have been taken, and there is nothing left to do but look ahead towards the draft. The Ottawa Lynx had a disappointing season to say the least, but there is much to take from the season. It has been quite the learning experience for players and the organization, and everyone will come out stronger from it. 


One player that many were taking long looks at had a great rookie VHLM season, albeit on a lackluster squad that could not seem to get the wins together. Travis Boychuk was not a superstar by any means, but he was a reliable forward for his team to put on the ice. It remains to be seen what his future holds but it will be an exciting one for sure. If anything can be taken from last season, it will be experience. Experience is a valuable asset to any team and looking ahead it will do nothing but good things for the mind of a player.




Travis Boychuk started late in the season playing 56 games, which is a good amount in any regard. In those games, he was mainly a play maker for the team especially for his line mate Konstantin Azhishchenkov. Boychuk had 30 assists in 56 games, many of which were on goals scored by the star in "KJA". We have seen what kind of vision TB has in his skill set and know it will only get better as time goes on. 


Not only assists, but he managed to score 14 goals for a total of 44 points in 56 games on the club. For a team as inconsistent as the Lynx were, those are great numbers for a rookie especially. The goals were harder to come by in early parts of the year, but he got better in the latter half. Travis Boychuk has a wicked shot which could find the net more often if used. Many scouts believe if he lessened his tendency to pass the puck so much, he could have more goals and scoring opportunities. 


He was also pretty good on the face off circle, and he looks to get better than the 49.02% that he boasted in the season. As a centerman face offs are a valuable skill for the position. Much of his year was spent away from center where he is most comfortable. He played along KJA's wing in strides. We will see where he ends up on his next club in the upcoming draft.




Something he was not used to in junior was the physicality of the game. When he arrived in the VHLM he noticed a big change in scenery. Bodies were bigger and the players were stronger. Boychuk learned from that and managed 102 hits, which was uncommon for him in the past. 


In a recent interview with Travis Boychuk, we grabbed his thoughts on what's to come:


"I think I had a pretty good season. It was not up to par with what I am used to, though. I want to be able to score more. I want my team to be more consistent. I hate losing. I hope with the upcoming draft I find a team that can utilize my skills correctly. No matter where I end up, I will do my best to perform up to standards."


We look forward to hearing more from Travis Boychuk and watching his career unfold. 

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Content: 3/3 - You've made a great name for yourself so far, keep up the good work and you'll hear your name called on draft day before you know it! Playmakers will always have a home in the VHL.
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the playoffs beginning the the VHLM = the playoffs beginning in the VHLM
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not used to in junior = not used to in the juniors (?)
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