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Zadorov, Fjorsstrom help lead Watchmen to Finals


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Fjorsstrom celebrating the series winning goal



As expected, the Bratislava Watchmen beat the Bern Royals to get to the finals, but will have to wait for the winner of the Yukon Rush/Minot Gladiators series before trying to win it all.  What was a little more unexpected were the two scoring leaders on the team.  Instead of the regular season leaders Phil Villaneuve Tom Slaughter and David Januzaj, the Watchmen have been lead by defensemen Andrey Zadorov and Slaeter Fjorsstrom.  Zadorov has eight points for the scoring lead, while Fjorsstrom has 7, including the all important Game 4 game winner.  


In game four, both Zadorov and Fjorsstrom contributed in big ways.  After Antoine Sauve scored the opening goal, Zadorov assisted on Logan Laich's first goal in the game to tie it at one.  Bern took the lead again less than a minute later when Jakub Linholm scored.  In the third period, Logan Laich scored with just 57 seconds left in the game, once again assisted by Zadorov.  Only 30 seconds into overtime, on a power play goal, Slaeter Fjorsstrom scored the game winning goal to send Bratislava into the Finals in four straight.


"It's an amazing feeling being able to score the game winning goal.  I didn't play as well as I wanted in the regular season, so I'm glad I'm able to produce here."


Fjorsstrom, who had just 11 goals in the regular season, already has three in four playoff games.  Two of his goals have been clutch, with one being a game winner, and one being a game tying goal.  Andrey Zadorov's seven assists, is enough to propel him into the top ten, and both Fjorsstrom and Zadorov have squeaked into the top ten for defensive scoring.

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