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Claimed:Season 33 Re-Draft Part II


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Season 33 Re-Draft Part II


This is Part II of my Season 33 Re-Draft. I compiled it from multiple individual re-drafts that people sent me and calculated the average rank for each player out of those lists. So this should be a more or less accurate representation of how the league sees the S33 Draft in retrospective and how they would pick if it would be to be conducted again. So please keep in mind that if you don’t like a pick or think it wouldn’t have made sense for this team at the time: This isn’t my personal opinion but a collection of multiple different opinions, which is why team needs also weren’t considered. And now enjoy! You can find Part I of the Re-Draft here: http://vhlsim.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/5246-season-33-re-draft-part-i/


5. :que: Sebastian Ball Jr. (5,2)

One of the more underrated players going into the draft, Sebastian Ball Jr. turned out to be an amazing pick for the Seattle Bears that picked him up with first pick in the 2nd round, 11th Overall. He is already one of the highest TPE-earners of his class and one has to wonder how a player of his caliber slipped to the second round. Looks like GMs preferred players from more established agencies in that draft, which led to guys like Ball Jr. and Collier dropping – although Ball Jr. isn’t a first-gen player either, so not picking him earlier could be considered kind of an oversight by some GMs. But Ball Jr. seems to have only taken this as extra motivation and since being drafted he has been a great asset to the Bears.


4. :cal: Niklas Lindberg (3,8)

And now to what might the biggest steal of the S33 VHL Entry Draft. Niklas Lindberg was originally drafted 12th Overall by the Toronto Legion – now in this re-draft he goes 4th Overall, with one voter having him as high as 2nd!  Lindberg’s situation is quite comparable to Ball’s, a player from a lesser known agency who really exploded after being drafted – but his jump both in production and TPE was even higher, as he was a rather unremarkable player in juniors during his draft year. Now he is one of the most versatile Forwards in the VHL who plays great at both ends of the ice, showcased by his 85 points this season and the great defensive stats he had to go along with his offensive performance.


3. :tor: Karsten Olsen (2,8)

A recent media article touched on the question of what might have been if Karsten Olsen wasn’t picked 2nd Overall by the Seattle Bears but would have dropped to the Toronto Legion at #3. Well this is the exact scenario we end up with in this re-draft, as the voters preferred the two forwards Wesley Kellinger and Odin Tordahl to defensive stud Karsten Olsen, who drops to 3rd Overall after being originally selected 2nd. All but one voter placed him 3rd even though Olsen was one of the best Defensemen in the league last season – which shows how great the quality in this draft actually is.




2. :sea: Wesley Kellinger (2,2)

The original 1st Overall pick, Wesley Kellinger, drops to 2nd Overall in the re-draft. Kellinger hasn’t done anything wrong though, he was just surpassed by one of the best scorers there currently is in the league in Odin Tordahl. But while Tordahls individual numbers and TPE-count have been better as of late, Kellinger is the one who has already won a cup! As a key piece of the Quebec City Meute Kellinger has been a very important part of the most successful franchise the VHL has seen these last few seasons and the trade that had sent him to Quebec saw a bunch of great pieces coming back – so even though he is only 2nd in this ranking, I’m sure nobody regrets picking him 1st Overall back in Season 33.


1. :dav: Odin Tordahl (1,4)

Odin Tordahl is the 1st Overall pick in our re-draft of the Season 33 VHL Entry Draft! He jumps from 3rd Overall in the original draft to 1st and a big reason for that was the great season he just put up for the HC Davos Dynamo, where he scored 106 points, sported an incredible +/- of +48 and also was an imposing physical presence, showcased by his 353 Hits and 208 Penalty Minutes. As a free agent signing he is one of the main reasons that the Dynamo, who only were an average team last season, jumped to the lead in the European Conference and became one of the best teams in the VHL this year. And incidentally, Davos is also the team he would be going to via the re-draft – he certainly has proven to be a great fit there!


[Hoping to get another proofread soon]

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Content: 3/3 - Loved the premise for the article, very cool to see just how deep this draft class truly was in retrospect.
Grammar: 2/2 - More mistakes than I'd have preferred, but you did go way beyond the word requirements, so it all comes out of the wash.
#th Overall = #th overall
Forwards = forwards
Tordahls = Tordahl's
the Quebec City Meute Kellinger has been a very important =  the Quebec City Meute, Kellinger has been a very important
353 Hits and 208 Penalty Minutes = 353 hits and 208 penalty minutes
Appearance: 1/1 - SURE!
Overall: 6/6 - (Y)
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