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What Happens Now?

Although stability is never a staple of a hockey player’s life most VHLM players have at least some idea of what the future holds for them when they find themselves clearing out their lockers at the end of a season. The VHL is an odd sort of league where most players know exactly where they will go on draft day and more or less get to pick where they sign as free agents. However, if you are a fringe player or one without much a reputation to precede them things can get a little dicier. This is the case for Ashton Galbraith, a player who spent the season as a depth forward on a non-playoff team.



This puck, like the majority of Galbraith's chances, does not go in


When Oslo’s late season surge was looking like it wouldn’t be enough to get them into the playoffs naturally player’s minds start to wander elsewhere. For Galbraith it was to the future and what would happen for next season. As a mid-season addition, Oslo was never going to be the permanent home for Galbraith, simply a place to ply his trade for the remaining 20 games and hopefully a place to showcase his talents. However, Galbraith’s season was a disaster statistically. Without any power play time, and limited minutes on the third line, Galbraith struggled and only managed to pot two goals in twenty games, and none in his last sixteen. His lack of offensive output combined with little attentiveness to defence meant that most scouts came away thoroughly unimpressed by the prospect, with one particularly annoyed scout calling him an “empty jersey.” His ineffectiveness in the VHLM combined with his quiet demeanour off the ice has done a lot of damage to his draft stock.



Can't make it as a hockey player? Serve these!


Galbraith has also probably seen his stock fall at the worst possible time as it is an extremely important time period for VHL hopefuls. The VHLM Dispersal Draft is upcoming where players previously placed on waivers, such as Galbraith, make up a pool of players whose rights are permanently assigned to a VHL team. This is where the core of VHLM teams are assembled so it’s important for GM’s to do their homework on who they are drafting. Any GM doing their homework on Galbraith is going to be off-put by his lack of production and quiet demeanour, likely not enough to see him get completely passed by but the odds of a being a 1st round pick look slim for the young American. So what’s next for Galbraith? In short it looks like he’ll be a low pick in the VHLM Dispersal Draft which should translate into a reduced role for whatever team he gets picked up by. From there it will be hard to get things going for the season which should drop his draft stock in the VHL. In short, it looks like a bad start to his VHLM career, only 20 games, might be enough to put Galbraith behind the 8-ball for a long time.

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Content: 3/3 - It was a blast having you in Oslo and I am really hoping to get you again. It's all going to depend on how the cards fall, though. Just keep it in mind that there's at least one team with you on their draft board. :)
Grammar: 2/2 - Not too bad at all!
without much a reputation = without much of a reputation
naturally player’s minds = naturally players' minds
Appearance: 1/1 - You win the PRIZE!
Overall: 6/6 - (Y)
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