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Thinking of Topics for MS is so hard


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I know that you can write media spots about anything loosely league related.  I used to tell nooblets to do this all the time when I was a VHLM GM, like tell them to go write about the team going to the zoo or do an episode of cribs with their player’s house or something.  But for whatever reason in my head that’s not good enough.  I want my media spots to be actually relevant to something, things that people will read and find interest in.  But I can never think of anything so I usually end up writing something about myself and nobody wants to read that.  Like who cares about what you think about your own player, that’s not exciting.  People want to read something about their own players, or their teams, or something about the league, not “2nd line scrub scored a goal, good job to me.”  I don’t read other people’s media spots when they are about themselves because it’s such a one dimensional view, like I want to see what you think about other things not what you think about your own player.  Yet every week I struggle with the same thing and eventually just end up talking about myself.  It’s lame and it sucks and I hate it but I’m not a creative person and I don’t know what else to write about so I’ll probably do it again this week. 

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Definitely agreeable. This is the main reason why I'm not writing any MS. I have a few great ideas in my head but I just don't have enough knowledge of this site to make the wiring possible. Those ideas include something like "Beat Rivalry Ever", "Too Overrated and Top Underrated Players (not exactly what it sounds like, if you're too underrated you became an overrated player and it's the opposite for the latter. This could be interesting actually) and some other. But then again, the lack of knowledge.

Whenever I ran out of idea, I usually go read sport articles, some of are actually interesting and you can adapt the concept of it. Works every time for me.

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