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Lennox Moher Interview
Today I am going to interview the every so mysterious Lennox Moher. Lennox is one of the leagues best goalies and is currently the goalie for the championship HC Davos Dynamo. He has been tasked with one of the jobs in the VHL and that is to play goalie for the Dynamo. The Dynamo are one of the more intriguing teams in the league and it has shown based off the success that they have had during the thirty-sixth season in the VHL. While his agent did go missing for awhile and Lennox didn't get in practice hours for quite a few weeks, he still has managed to get a hold of his job. He did also get to practice a lot more since this team has made it to the finals.
Rep A 1. Being one of the top goalies in the VHL currently, how do you feel about your success and the success of the team that the HC Davos Dynamo has had this season? Were there any ups and downs that you faced or anything that you would love to improve about this season?
LM - I'm really happy with how we have played this past season. It was a pretty smooth season overall despite my sometimes inconsistent play, so I feel great about the work our team has done with a younger goaltender in net. We've had a great start to the playoffs, but obviously have some work left to accomplish. In terms of improvement, I would like to have a more consistent presence in net. There were a few games that I really let us down, but I think that will improve with experience.
Rep B 2. If you had to choose your top three goalies in the VHL, (yourself included), who would you say they are and can you give at least one to two reasons as to why you would be selecting them as high as you have.
LM - I don't think I could justify myself as a top goalie in the VHL right now. The stats aren't there to prove it and neither is the history. I would rank the goalies as follows:
A. Remy LeBeau - He's been unreal for awhile now. He continues to be Toronto's most important player and is a candidate for MVP every season. You don't say that often about goalies.
B. Tuomas Tukio - Definite stud. He's had issues with consistency his entire career, but he's undoubtedly one of the most talented goaltender in the league.
C. Skylar Rift - Again, another great goalie with a great history of success. He'll be missed next year, and I learned a lot from him while I back him up on Team USA.
Rep C 3. Playing with so much talent that is on the Dynamo, who do you get excited about seeing play each week? Does anyone stick out more than anyone else or who do you think should step up their game some so that this team could make it back to the VHL Finals again next season?
LM - I mean, first and foremost, Odin Tordahl is just unbelievable. Odin is just a powerful forward that reminds of a David Backes type player with the kind of speed and aggression he demonstrates.  The forwards we have from top to bottom are the best in the league. Davey Jones, Thomas Landry, Sergey Brovalenko -- all of those guys are all-stars in my book. I think Matt Bentley and Shane Baker are two key cogs on the defensive side that should keep improving along with me to make it back to the finals next year.
Rep D 4. During the playoffs, who do you think was the toughest match-up that you had to face off? (In terms of which team gave up the biggest fight and had put up the best stats or that you kind of felt that you struggled against).
LM - Toronto is going to be the biggest challenge. I think Helsinki had maybe the most star power with guys like Zhumbayev, Osborne, and Tukio, but Toronto is stout from top to bottom, much like us. Add to the fact that they have the best goaltender in the league and that makes it a tough match up.  I think we're up to it though.
Well there you have it folks. Another great interview down and many more to come. I got the honor of interviewing the man with one of the hardest jobs on the HC Davos Dynamo. Lennox Moher was a great individual and it was fun talking with him and getting to know him. I would like to thank him for his time and contribution and wish him and the rest of the Dynamo a great series against a surprising candidate in the Toronto Legion. Many speculated that the Quebec City Meute would have been the victors of that match, but it was the Legion who willed themselves through. Keep an eye out on this playoff/championship series as it looks to be one of the greater match-ups that this league has seen in awhile.
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Content: 3/3 - Moher is indeed a mysterious dude. Definitely not an in-your-face guy like Skylar Rift has been, but he still gets the job done and he's been getting better and better. Could lay the foundation for a great legacy by bringing home a Continental Cup over Remy LeBeau.
Grammar: 2/2 - Started out really rough, but you got it back under control afterwards. Moher had some errors, but I don't consider that to be a mistake on your part.
the every so mysterious = the ever so mysterious
one of the leagues best = one of the league's best
the championship HC Davos Dynamo = European Conference Champion? Championship hopeful?
one of the jobs in the VHL = one of the toughest jobs in the VHL
Appearance: 1/1 - Picture, colors... it's here.
Overall: 6/6 - I wanna four score a deal with yooooou.
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