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Claimed:For Ella, Love Kam.


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For Ella, Love Kam.


The season is over for the Cologne Express and their captain Kameron Taylor, but that seems to be solely arena related. Kameron Taylor has started a brand new season away from the rink. As part of a charity that Kameron Taylor runs in his adopted city of Cologne, Taylor visits local hospitals in need of assistance. Last year Kameron raised over two hundred thousand dollars for local hospitals equipment funds. The money was greatly needed in many of the departments throughout each hospital, with the majority ending up in efforts for chemotherapy use in cancer patients. Kameron also felt the need to pause and take a look at his won financial allocations and what he tends to spend his money on.



One of the various Hospital's the Express visit


Just over six years ago Kameron Taylor lost his Aunt to breast cancer and he had a tough time with such a sudden death. Taylor's Aunt was a Camrose, Alberta native who volunteered her time at an education center opened for autism patients. Ella Taylor had a heart that was laced with gold from her early childhood and figured she would give her life to helping others. Kameron felt he was never truly able to give back the way he really wanted too when it came to a monetary value. When the Cologne Express back in Season 31 drafted Taylor he knew what he would do when his first cheque was cashed. Taylor quickly donated fifty thousand dollars to the St. Mary’s Hospital in the city of Camrose. Although Taylor's Aunt was not around to see the donation he knows she would be smiling from above.


"My aunt was someone I looked up too and I always thought of her as a hero in many ways. I get asked what I would be if I weren’t a professional hockey player and I always end up giving the same answer, my aunt. She did some of the most selfless acts as a child that continued into her adult years. Some say the only the good die young and I like to think that is more so true when it came to her", said Kameron to local media.


Taylor has never had cancer and for his sake he hopes he never will. The journey he saw his aunt take was one in which he hopes no child (or adult for that matter) ever has to endure. His contributions are big when it comes to financially supporting local charities and charities in his birthplace. The season of giving for him has just gotten started according to him, and he looks forward to a busy off-season away from the rink.


Last week Kameron paid a visit to The University of Cologne Hospital to visit some young and un-expecting new friends. Taylor walked into the cancer ward and saw some of the most exciting faces he has ever witnessed. The joy the kids gave Kameron was almost more than the joy Kameron gave the kids. A truly inspiring thing to see is when you can look at someone fighting for their life that still has a smile on their face.



Daniel's brother Erik (Far Left), his aunt Julie (Middle), Daniel (Middle Front) and Kameron Taylor ®


"These kids were looking at death in the face and smiling at it. It sounds so cliché at times, but these young individuals are my heroes and I sure let them know that a lot. I play hockey for a living and am blessed to be given that opportunity. These young people may not have that chance and I was just happy to spend some time with them. Every season the boys from the team make our journey to the hospital, and every year we leave feeling more fortunate to be alive. I was able to meet a young man named Daniel who was going through a very tough time. The young man lost his mother when she gave life to him as a little boy. Daniel now suffers from Neuroblastoma, which attacks immature nerve cells in the body. This type of cancer is common with young children and infants so Daniel is no rare case. However, Daniel's life hasn't been easy for him and Kameron was touched by this little guy’s courage."


"The first thing he said to me when he saw me was "You look bigger than I thought you'd be!” The little guy wasn't just a warrior but he has a sense of humor as well. Daniel and I talked about hockey, his love for playing Candy Crush on his iPad and his dog Juno. I'm going to try and visit him once per month to drop in and hopefully bring some other friends with me. Daniel didn't hesitate to tell me his favorite player in the VHL was Remy Lebeau because he admires his courage as well. He also said he is torn when the Express play the Legion because he likes Lebeau but also wishes I score goals. I think Daniel pretty much speaks for heroes everywhere when he said, "Don't think too much about everything". After talking to him I signed a couple things for him but the biggest item was his teddy bear that seemed bigger than he was!" exclaimed Taylor.


Kameron left the hospital with a lot more value of life than when he arrived. The things you can learn from these kids and the volunteers helping them are astounding. Taylor learned a lot from his aunt, but one thing pretty much reigned supreme: Core Value. At the end of the day when you lay in your casket, what will people remember you for? What exactly did you do to better someone else's life? Kameron Taylor learned a lot from Daniel and hopes to keep learning with future visits to him as well as many other hospitals around the country.



Kameron as a boy with his aunt Ella Taylor


*Side Note - This past week I wasn't on a whole lot. I actually got the chance to visit a couple hospitals around the lower mainland. A true inspiration is seeing someone smile and look at you as they stare Cancer straight in the face. I feel for the young kids I was actually able to see and talk too. My aunt was a beautiful lady and one I admire to this day. Obviously some parts of this article were fictional but most were in fact real.


"May the good have peace, and may the bad find it"

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Content: 3/3 - It's amazing what gaining an extra perspective on life can do towards bettering yourself. I work in a multi-disabilities classroom and I am blessed to work with those kids. When you dedicate yourself to helping the less fortunate, you're helping yourself more than you can possibly imagine.
Grammar: 2/2 - Just some silly stuff:
various Hospital's = various hospitals
lost his Aunt = lost his aunt
looked up too = looked up to
However, Daniel's life hasn't been easy for him and Kameron was touched by this little guy’s courage. = Not an error, but something tells me you weren't trying to speak in the third person here. Forgot this was in quotations?
Cancer = cancer
Appearance: 1/1 - (Y)
Overall: 6/6 -  :autism:
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