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C - Mark Gebauer

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Teams in the VHLM can offer you $1.5m in contract and a spot on their team to play during the upcoming season. You missed the draft by only 2 days, so whoever you sign with you get the whole season with. I'm GM of Ottawa and will extend you an offer - tentatively I'll start off saying 3rd line, but given that you've already done rookie profile, affiliate welfare, and signed up for VHFL, you'll almost certainly be 2nd line by the time the season starts (probably next week, after the World Cup).


Yukon @BarzalGoat @Reives

Saskatoon @Dtayl @Gooningitup

Oslo @Trifecta

Halifax @ShawnGlade

Vegas @Jubo07 @oilmandan

Ottawa Me @McWolf

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Halifax would like to offer 1.5M to start off on our second line and maybe work your way up the chart. We're a second year expansion team trying to repeat our success from last year and you would be a part of that! If you choose elsewhere, that's fine, I'm always here if you need help ❤️

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