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Claimed:Riga Saves the Giraffes by Playing League of Legends!


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Riga Saves the Giraffes by Playing League of Legends!


     While many members of the VHL Mike spend their time off playing League of Legends or otherwise entertaining themselves, the Reign have a different plan in mind. After hearing about the Giraffe that was fed to a lion in a Danish zoo, the Reign were outraged and became interested in giraffe wildlife preservation. In case you missed the story on Riga’s illegal giraffe trafficking earlier in the season, just know that the Reign have a long history with giraffes.


     Upon some basic research, Riga discovered that some types of giraffes are endangered due to a combination of illegal poaching and low birth rates. Many Africans illegally poach giraffes in order to sell their hide and either eat or sell the meat. In hopes of saving future generations of giraffes from poaching, Riga decided to set up a League of Legends charity tournament in which teams submitted $50 to play (or people could pay $10 to spectate). Any team that managed to beat the Reign in a match would receive $500 and an autographed jersey. All the profits made from the event would go towards the G>T Foundation (Giraffes>Tavares Foundation).


     It turns out that Riga’s League of Legends squad was unstoppable. Robin Gow was AD Carry and teamed up with his brother, RGIII, who was Taric support. Mike Szatkowski Jr. played mid and was dominant in dishing out the damage. Damon Tyrael spent most of his time in the jungle killing dragons and Baron and stuff. Brennan McQueen played as Captain Teemo and pissed everyone off by putting mushrooms all over the map.





     There was a disturbance during the tournament when Thomas Landry was not allowed in. Landry arrived riding his horse and carrying his musket, and security would not allow Landry to enter with those two dangerous objects. However, Landry would not take no for an answer, and shouted his Confederate war cry before charging into the event. It is rumored that Konstantin Jaroslav Azhishchenkov wanted to fight Landry, but was held back by his friends. Luckily, RGIII managed to convince Landry to leave before any harm was done by telling Landry his next media spot would be up soon and needed to be graded.





     Riga was undefeated during the charity event due to RGIII carrying the team on his back. The only team that came close to beating Riga in the tournament was Kimmo Salo’s. Unfortunately for Salo, his team was disqualified when it was discovered he was wearing a shirt saying “I hate giraffes.”


     The charity event wound up producing $12,345.67 for the Giroux Giraffes>Tavares Foundation. This money will go towards a variety of purposes such as educating giraffes how to best avoid Thomas Landry poachers and educating poachers on why killing giraffes is bad. Hopefully by reading this you've decided to help save the giraffes too, because they look really awesome when they fight each other by using their necks as a weapon.





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Content: 3/3 - Humorous and creative media spot that definitely provided some laughs while reading. I don't play LoL myself but I'm glad it was used for a good cause for the giraffes. Had no idea Latvia had giraffes.


Grammar: 2/2 - Nothing found!


Appearance: 1/1 - Interesting pictures!


Overall: 6/6


Final: 6/6

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