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S62 World Cup Predictions!

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World Cup Predictions


Predict the three medal winners, and worst team of the World Cup Round Robin standings, and earn some Uncapped TPE! The worst team and the Bronze medal are worth 1, Silver is worth 2, and Gold is worth 3. To submit your predictions, copy the quoted text, fill out your predictions and post in this thread. Predictions will be open for a little bit, likely closing tomorrow with World Cup starting tonight. 



S62 World Cup Predictions

Worst Team: 

Bronze Medal:

Silver Medal:

Gold Medal:



Remember all TPE  earned is uncapped. Predictions will be handed out be calculated and handed out upon completion of the World Cup. :cheers: 

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@Members   S62 World Cup Prediction Payout   The list is sorted alphabetically, with TPE to claim next to your username.   Some notes: 56 Members participated

Worst: Mercs Bronze: USA Silver: Canada Gold: World

Worst Team: Mercs  Bronze Medal: Canada Silver Medal: USA Gold Medal: World

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