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Welfare/Pension (February 24 - March 2 )


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James Platts Welfare Program
Any member may claim 2 TPE/week on weeks no point task is done, unless they are on a Pension Plan.

VHL Pension Plan I – Members who have created one 400+ TPE player claim 3 TPE/week on weeks no point task is done.
VHL Pension Plan II - Members who have created two or more 400+ TPE player claim 4 TPE/week on weeks no point task is done.

For an overview of the eligible players: https://docs.google....bnY5UF83RzE2MFE
There are still some unassigned players, feel free to post the missing username - player combinations in this thread, then I will update this.

If this is your first player, do not worry if you are not on the list. You will be eligible for two points.

Keep in mind - the 3/4 TPE upgrades only count if you have a previous player that is above 400 TPE, current players do not apply

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