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And Now He's Taking Off His Trousers!


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What are Edwin Encarnacion’s thoughts on Cologne? Many people have not bothered to even ask themselves this question, however one brave soul only known as “Red”, upon consultation with the Helix Fossil decided to bravely go where no man had previously bothered to tread before.


“Y’know, I’m really happy here nahmsayin’? I look around at the players, and I look around to all the fans saying Edwin Boourns and I think, man, this is why it’s important to stay hygienically perfect, for these guys right here, nahmsayin’? And that’s why I look to things like cologne and use it daily so my Reign teammates ain’t chucking up none of that sick after one whiff of me nahmsayin’? So YEAH!, my thoughts on cologne is that it is probably one of the most, if not the most, important tool for me to equip pre-game in order for me to rack up them PIM’s, nahmsayin’?”


We didn’t bother to point out that Edwin that he has not been a member of the Reign for a while now.  

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