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Eggly Bagelface in Contention for Dustin Funk Trophy


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Funk Trophy for Bagelface Would be a Silver Lining on Disappointing Season


Eggly Bagelface improved enough from S35 to S36 that Vasteras was in playoff contention throughout S36


VASTERAS, Sweden - In a year that ended in heartbreak for the Vasteras Iron Eagles, there does appear to be a glimmer of hope for Vasteras representation in the post-season award ceremony. Goaltender Eggly Bagelface markedly improved in all vital goaltending statistics (22 wins -> 31 wins / .909 SvPct -> .928 SvPct / 2.65 GAA -> 2.18 GAA / 6 SO -> 8 SO). The regular season campaign by Bagelface was a good enough improvement over the season prior has propelled his name into the "Most Improved" Dustin Funk Trophy talk. If Bagelface won the award, he would become the first goalie to win the award since it's original co-winner, Joey Clarence. Other candidates for the award include Sergey Brovalenko (improved by 33 points), Naomi Young (improved by 32 points), Willie Weber, and Jakub Kjellberg, both of whom scored 29 more points in S36 than they did in S35.

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