Players: Seeking Endorsement

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@Brand Executive


Some names still available to sign (if there's an offer in the thread, it is not official until the players have quoted and confirmed, so don't just assume the player is on your roster):


Jacob Smith @jacobaa19

King Gow @eaglesfan036 VHLM

Jose Gonzalez @Jose Gonzalez

Theodore Gauthier @Frank VHLM

Ryuu Crimson @SlapshotDragon

Paolo Nano @leafsman

joey boucher @joeyboucher1 VHLM


VHLM (S64 Draftees)

Ryan Zabby @RyanZabby

Eric Parker @Eparker24

Mark Gebauer @Sova

Andrew Taylor @ATaylor27_

Kip Baier @Kip Baier

Leander Foxxe @NightHawk_787

Connor McDavid @Rocketman04

Divaani Sohva @Sohva

Evgeni Komarov @Gooningitup

Fabio Lucera @FlyersLord29

Kyson Blake @TMI

Viktor Howchin Wallen @tequbs

Carter Madison @Quietknight

Raike Rantalla @Savoire Faire

Kazper @LemonPig


Be sure to also keep an eye on members joining throughout the season to fill slots on your roster!


**If I mentioned you and you have an endorsement, be sure to go to the Endorsement Contract Thread, and confirm your endorsement agreement. If you already have, and I've missed your player, please PM me with a link, and let me know.

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