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Even though the season may be over for the prospects, their hark work is far from over. Once the season is over for a prospect, it then seems that there is more pressure on the prospect than when they were playing during the year. They have to prove that they can handle the pressure of the scouts watching their every move and analyzing every single part of their game. The journey of a top VHL prospect is a tough one and one prospects journey has led them back to where they first began.


After joining the Bern Royals in the middle of their season this year, Jakob Linholm's season came to an end with an European Conference finals lost to the powerhouse Bratislava Watchmen. Linholm has returned back to his hometown of Stockholm in order to continue to work-out and try and stay away from all the chaos that comes with the draft. He knows that he is going to have to return to North America in order to go to the VHL draft combine and the draft itself. Until then, however, he is taking advantage of his time off.


"It has been good to get back and catch up with my family and friends. I haven't been able to see them since I went to Bern to play with the Royals because the schedule was so demanding. It's good to kind of get back to a normal sleeping schedule as well."


Of course this break hasn't been all about visiting family and friends for Linholm. He is one of the top prospects this year in the draft and has to continue to go out and practice as much as he can. He has to continue to improve every day and his dad has been one of the people who have been pushing him ever since he was young.


"We've always taught our kids that if you work hard and put in the practice then people are going to notice you. We always say that they may not have the god-given talent that some of the other kids may have but if you keep practicing you will eventually be as good as them, if not greater"


If there was one person who knew about where hard work could get you it was his dad, Henrik. His father had spent a few seasons in the NHL before a very public dispute between him and the then NHL commissioner over how European players were treated in the NHL back then. Henrik left the NHL and has always supported his sons decision to go to the VHL instead of the NHL.


With the VHL season nearly over, and champions about to be crowned, the focus is about to shift from what is happening on the ice to off the ice. The season 37 draft is shaping up to be one of the stronger ones in recent memories and it is going to take hard work and commitment in order to be one of the top picks this year. Luckily for Linholm, it's those traits that have often set his family and himself apart from the rest of the pack.



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Content: 3/3 - Good update on Linholm. It was great playing with you on the Royals and I'm sure you'll be a great service to any team that takes you. An offseason does good things for a prospect as they have the chance to sit back and watch their careers finally take shape. Enjoy it.


Grammar: 2/2 -


hark - hard


prospects - prospect's


Appearance: 1/1 - All good!


Overall: 6/6


Final: 6/6

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