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After Retiring, Skylar Rift Begins Career as a Fortune Teller!


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Normally after a player retires in the VHL their is little mentioned about what that player goes on to do. In most cases some players try to pursue a NHL career but wind up as minor league players. Some go off to live cozy happy retirement lives. Nobody really does anything, crazy. But if anyone was already certified crazy in the VHL before he retired it was Skylar Rift. Since retiring, Rift has found himself somewhere in Eastern Europe where VHL media crews found him running a hut as a proclaimed fortune teller. The former VHL two face has signed painted a New York American logo and colors on one half of his face, and a Quebec City Muete logo and colors on the other half as he...flips a coin to predict what will happen. 


VHL Media couldn't resist the opportunity to test out Rifts supposed skills as they asked him who would win the Continental Cup. Game Five of the Finals is scheduled to happen later today with the Toronto Legion up 3-1. Rift was asked to predict who would win and he looked up with a sly grin. He smiled and said "Heads...Toronto Legion will crumble the pathetic Dynamo. Tails? Well then the comeback will happen and LeGod will be reduced to nothing more than LeProphet...." Rift proceeded to flip his coin.




Rift then laughed like a maniac.


"It appears as if Davos has no "chance". Toronto will win the series in five games, defeating the Dynamo 5-2. Ultimately Davos are nothing more but pretenders. Littered with a false "King of Asgard" in Odin...with the flailing 14 year old struggling to hit puberty in Brovalenko and the pirate that shall cause them to sink their own ship in Davey Jones. Thomas Landry will be the only player who really shows up for the Dynamo in their ultimate demise. To quote famous wrestler CM Punk...Davos your arms are just too short to box with LEGOD!"  

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