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Rookie Profiling of: Vojzek Svoboda




Position: D
Age: 20
Handedness: L
Jersey Number: 3
Height (inches): 6'3
Weight (lbs.): 214lbs
Birthplace: Ostrava, Czech Republic

Major Junior Hockey
Drafted out of the Czech Republic in the CHL Import Draft, it took a season before Vojzek found his way over to the WHL after the Seattle Thunderbirds made him their 18th overall selection in the first round of the Import Draft. Having spent his entire life playing in the Czech Republic, Major Junior hockey was a massive leap for Svoboda. The North American game is vastly different, and while it didn't take long for Svoboda to adapt, it was evident that a brief stop was going to be required in order for Svoboda to adjust to life in another country and the way the game is played in North America. Initially, one of Vojzek's first stops came with the Green Bay Gamblers of the USHL. While only suiting up in 24 games, it was enough convincing for Vojzek to realize that he was going to be just fine making the transition with the Seattle Thunderbirds. Once the USHL season had concluded, Vojzek was added to the Thunderbirds' roster for the remainder of the WHL season. Unfortunately, Svoboda was unable to get into the line-up and was a healthy scratch as an observer on a game-to-game basis.


Green Bay Gamblers of the USHL

During the following season however, Svoboda made his anticipated debut with the Seattle Thunderbirds. It was from there that Svoboda made his presence felt, getting off to such a torrid start, tallying 29 points in his first 38 games from the blue line. In a season where adjustments were to be had and injuries were to be sustained, Svoboda finished his first season with Seattle racking up 16 goals and 44 assists for 60 points and was a modest +21. After his rookie season performance, NHL scouts took notice and in turn, the Ottawa Senators drafted Svoboda with the 34th pick in the NHL Entry Draft after being heralded as nothing short of a mid-to late 4th round selection. During his second and final season with the Thunderbirds, not only did Vojzek represent his country at the World Juniors, but he was named the Thunderbirds' Top Defenseman and Hardest Working Player, potting 19 goals and 52 assists in the process. His plus/minus was also indicative of the strength of his play, as was his hit and shot block totals, which were among the team leader totals.

Throughout his hockey existence, Vojzek has had a brief, but successful International career. Svoboda has represented his Czech Republic homeland on several occasions, including his participation in the World U17 Challenge, the U18 Ivan Hlinka Tournament and most recently the IIHF World Junior Tournament as an 18 and 19 year old. Success as a nation has been difficult, but as far as individual accomplishments are concerned, Vojzek, the tournament's Top Defenseman during the Ivan Hlinka Tournament and a First-Team All-Star at the World Juniors, are just two standout accomplishments for Vojzek. With a desire to succeed and apply his trade at the VHL level, the sky is the limit as well as a potential opportunity to represent his country once again with Team Europe in the VHL. As Svoboda gets older, it's definitely aparent that he will become a mainstay for the Czech Republic. His experience and skills are just two of the reasons why this will become a reality.


Svoboda representing the Czech Republic

Scouting Reports
"Vojzek is a bit of a freak of nature. Not only is he a big bodied presence, but he logs an insane amount of minutes, blocks a ton of shots and only operates in one gear- extreme. Vojzek is a player that General Managers would love to have fall into their laps." - VHL Central Scouting

"I had the fortunate pleasure of watching Vojzek several times when his Seattle Thunderbirds were in Vancouver to take on the Giants. Each and every time Svoboda took to the ice, he was a man playing amongst boys; playing above the rest of the field. His positioning and defensive awareness is something that takes years to teach, but it just appears to have came naturally for him." - Red Line Report


Svoboda, a draft selection of the Ottawa Senators

"Vojzek's development has taken leaps and bounds since his first go around at the Ivan Hlinka Tournament. Back then, he was a lanky kid, but he has matured physically and his game has rounded out. Svoboda has tremendous hockey instincts and his foot speed is amazing for a player of his stature. It's as if it is effortless." - The Hockey News

"I [bob McKenzie] had Vojzek ranked 63rd in my mid-season rankings, but throughout the course of his draft season, there wasn't anyone else whose game progressed more, resulting in an early second round selection by the Ottawa Senators. If the two sides could come to an agreement, the Senators would benefit greatly from Svoboda's addition." - TSN Draft Analyst Bob McKenzie


Shea Weber

NHL/VHL Comparison
In the NHL, the player that most embodies Svoboda would be Nashville's Shea Weber, who recently helped Canada win Olympic Gold in Sochi, Russia. Not only are the two of almost identical stature, but both play a rather physical game, while factoring in on the offense. Both players are defensively and positionally sound and both have strong leadership qualities. After a glance at the stronger defenders in the VHL, someone that keeps popping up is New York Americans rearguard Conner Low. Again, size is the big obvious similarity, but both quarterback the power play, are smart with and without the puck and can log big minutes playing in all sorts of situations. Conner is a player that makes a nice effortless first pass out of his end, moving the puck efficiently and making calculated decisions. The same can be said for Svoboda, who has a strong hockey IQ, is great with the puck and is a catalyst on specialty teams.

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Content: 5/5 - A very nice introduction to the hockey career of Svoboda. I'm curious as to why Vojzek picked the VHL over the NHL, but I guess we'll find that out in a later media spot. It's not too often that franchise defensemen come around, so whoever drafts Svoboda will be in for a real treat. It's nice to have you back in the league. 


Grammar: 1/1 - Only noticed one minor thing.


 as was his = as were his


Appearance: 1/1 - Solid.


Over 500 Words: 1/1 - Yup.


Overall: 8/8

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