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Olynick Stumbles But Marches On





BERN, Switzerland


After a very promising first professional season for Blaine Olynick, the heavy weight of failure and letting down his fans rained upon him after the heartbreaking 3-2 overtime loss against the Watchmen. Thus, eliminating the young Royals team from going to the VHLM Finals.


Not quite used to the burden of defeat at such a magnitude quite yet, Olynick saw himself in the dark for a bit after that loss. Immediately after the loss he wasn't available to the media nor was open to scheduling interviews in the coming days.


So what became of Blaine Olynick after that loss?


"I took the first plane to Toronto that night," said Blaine. "After playing a 72+ game season, I went a long time without seeing my family for the first time in my career. I think all hype surrounding me through the past few months got to my head when I wasn't able to win it all. It sounds selfish but it's true, I couldn't sleep when I was home and I spent a few days just at home with my family trying to get things back in order."




For any rookie, this problem could be quite common as young players learn to adapt to the grueling schedule of a 72 game season. But does a highly-touted goaltender like Olynick have the leeway to behave in such a manner at a professional level? This could mean the very beginning to a career shadowed by a downward spiral if he doesn't live up to expectations. Since childhood, winning has been implanted into Olynick's head as an element to be a supreme athlete. Recovering after a nasty injury and being ineligible to enter the NHL Entry Draft, he was lucky to fall into the VHL's lap.


This may also be a learning season for Blaine. With the VHL Entry Draft on the horizon, he has the opportunity to be surrounded by positive energy and praise from his draftees and fans of his future team. With the draft lottery being completed and the top four picks already in place, his draft ranking has definitely taken a hit, but not because of his performance ability, but because of simple team structure and the draft position of teams where he is needed in places more than others.


"It definitely stings a little, knowing you probably won't go as high as you were touted all year long, but I keep telling myself that no matter where I end up, all of us draftees start off with a clean slate. The second after the draft ends, we all have the next few years to determine who should've gone higher or lower, and that's my mindset going to this draft," said Olynick.


Blaine credits his Bern teammates for the great season he's had and despite many of them leaving next season as they enter the next VHLM Dispersal Draft, he'll continue to keep contact with the first professional teammates he's ever had. "Guys like World Peace, Linholm, Sauve, Barrett, and Stormborn all really have made the transition from junior to pros much easier, as they are also going through the same experience. We've clicked since the day one and I know they'll have great careers in the VHL," said Blaine.


It may have been a tough ending, but in reality this is only the beginning.

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Content: 3/3 - The bitter sting of defeat is never really something you 
Grammar: 2/2 - REALLY nitpicking here, buuuut...
the Watchmen. Thus, eliminating the young Royals = the Watchmen, thus eliminating the young Royals
Appearance: 1/1 - Use the power of voodoo next time, chap.
Overall: 6/6 - (Y) (Y)
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