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It is difficult for a GM, even more a VHLM GM, to pick which year their team should compete. This is an issue that current VHLM GM of Vasteras, Bruce Wayne, is facing.



A promotional logo for the Vasteras IK J20


"Going into this season 37 draft, I only have Triton Jackson on my roster," said Mr. Wayne, "so Vasteras competing in season 37 is questionable.”


Vasteras has the 6th overall pick in the season 37 VHLM Dispersal Draft, but rumor has it that it has already been traded to the Turku Outlaws for picks in season 38 VHLM Dispersal Draft. Could this mean that season 37 is being thrown away?


“I do not throw seasons away,” said an agitated Mr. Wayne when a reporter suggested that Mr. Wayne is tanking, “tanking is a despicable and unsportsmanlike. I plan to be a very active in the free agency and on waivers, but for the draft, I am aiming for a strong Vasteras draft in season 38.”


With about 100 practice hours, Triton Jackson trade rumors are picking up heat as Mr. Wayne expressed his desire to trade Jackson to a more competitive team.


“I appreciate Jackson’s contribution to Vasteras,” said Bruce Wayne, “but I believe it would be beneficial for everyone to have him on a competitive team and Vasteras gain more assets.”


It is projected to be a deep Season 37 Draft with many first-time player agents and veteran player agents representing new players. So if the Vasteras IK J20’s have in fact traded their first round pick, they should still be able to add some good parts to their team.



Vasteras IK J20 players line up for the national anthem


“We have so many draftee hopefuls that I expect to still be picking quality players even in the third round,” said GM Bruce Wayne, “and there are also numerous season 38 prospects who are increasing the size of the season 38 draft class which makes me smile.”


Something that has been heavily discussed is the possible moving of the Vasteras IK J20 to a new location. There has been much debate over it. Some say that because Vasteras as spent so much time and has such a rich history in Vasteras, the team should not move. Others say that the team should move to draw attention to hockey elsewhere and leave Vasteras to the Vasteras Iron Eagles. A former GM of Vasteras expressed his opinion about the relocation rumors.


“Why should the Vasteras IK J20 move?” said the former GM who wished not to be named, “Vasteras is the place they should be and should remain. Maybe… Just maybe should they change their mascot. IK J20 is not an interesting mascot name, but they will definitely need a good mascot name to justify a change.”



Vasteras Vikings?


Well whatever the board of directors decide, this is a major rumor that will surround the team until a final decision is made.

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Content: 3/3 - Here's to hoping Baby Vasteras decides to go bring hockey to a new market. The commies could use some hockey to help them settle down. Make it happen!
Grammar: 2/2 - Yerp!
Maybe… Just maybe = Maybe… just maybe
Appearance: 1/1 - Wait, there are players on Baby Vasteras?
Overall: 6/6 - Can't wait to see what direction you take this team in!
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