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Davos pulls off shocking comeback



TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA -- Most people thought this would be a quick series a few days ago.  However, HC Davos Dynamo has completed a historic comeback from a 3-1 deficit to pull off a huge upset against the Legion.  In game seven, it was goaltender Lennox Moher that shined for Davos after undergoing scrutiny during the series for his poor play and his outspoken complaints against league officials. 


"I'm glad I was finally able to show up," Moher said after the commotion had died down, "It's been an emotional few weeks, and this is just a great way to end it. Toronto is a terrific organization and I can't say enough about the job they did this season."


He continued to speak highly of his Dynamo teammates, saying, "All these guys are people you love to have on your team. Sergey [brovalenko], Davey [Jones] -- they're not popular in most teams' locker rooms, but they're the best teammates you can ask for,"  Moher continued, "Jones came up to me immediately after the game and told me I deserved the Kanou.  [laughter] I never said he was smart - there's no way I get it with my inconsistent play.  And then you can't say enough about Odie [Odin Tordahl]. He's what got us here. Without him, we're a completely different team."

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