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Gebauer on moving to canada


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"The day I moved was very stressful to be honest the front office of the Ottawa Lynx did everything they could to make it as easy on me as possible but still I was nervous and many things went a slightly wrong like my cab driving missing a turn and so on. I was on a pretty tight schedule so I almost ended up missing my flight but luckily that wasn't the case and the flight it self-was long but quite nice since Ottawa was so grateful to upgrade my seat. I have never flown like this before so it was a special experience and I enjoyed it quite a lot. Upon landing the real trouble began getting through customs and so on but thanks to all the work Ottawa has put in I was prepared with all the necessities and was briefed on what to say when and where so that made that entire thing go quite quickly and smoothly. A lot of things are different here many of my teammates have been complaining about the cold weather but I am used to it so I really don't mind it so much I think also the landscapes here are just so impressive and you just can't compare them with anything you can see in Europe so I was really happy to have opportunities to travel the country on off days. 

The food was a huge change for me the bread you people eat is just something completely else and I actually had to work with dieticians to compensate for that and find alternatives but all in all the food here is so diverse and that is just great you can have authentic food from wherever you want just by walking a block or two"

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