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Draft me please!


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Someone draft me please.


After seeing my life long love Boom get traded it reminded me about how bad I missed being awesome.


If I am eligible, I’d like to be drafted, please and thank you. In return for drafting me, I offer the following services:


Making your locker room a million times more fun

Being inactive

Having sex with your wife and or sister (probably both)

Getting traded

Probably win you a cup or two, I believe all my relevant players have had a cup or two!



There’s a lot more I could add to this list, but I’d rather not spoil the surpise. So this upcoming VHL draft, I ask one of you fine GMs (hopefully Victor or Mike, just kidding I hate you both) to draft my ass! Please, I want to be everything you dream of which I probably am already. I promise to not be too much of a letdown either, which is a first for me!

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