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Moment of Silence for the Champions


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Olsen Gets First Cup Win


Jarkko Olsen dreamed of this moment, the moment he would be at the top of the VHL, a winner of the VHL's ultimate prize. Yet one would be foolish to assume Olsen is as happy as he'd like to be. No doubt, he is celebrating the win with his teammates and enjoying the time spent as a winner, but this is not the ideal situation.


Olsen has shied away from the media, from his teammates, even from his friends and family the past two seasons. He is vastly disappointed in his performance and time in the league, and yet has not had the motivation to change it. Olsen was a highly touted prospect at first, then he slacked on his training, then he become complacent. Now he is a Cup winner, on a third line - NOT as a star, and hungry. Hungry for much more than this. The Cup win is great, but LEADING a Cup contender is the goal. Olsen is disappointed in himself, and he is now motivated.


Olsen's career will never be as bright as it should have been, and once could have been. He will likely never be a VHL legend, never make the Hall of Fame, and may fade from memory after his playing days are over. However, Olsen intends on rerouting his own memories, because these are his own, and they won't fade from his own mind. It might never be what it should have been, but Jarkko Olsen is not going to remember himself as just a third liner with one Cup. He intends to be back, and he intends to play a much bigger role.

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