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Saskatoon Wild name leadership group. [2/2]


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SASKATOON, SASKATCHEWAN - The Saskatoon Wild have gone thirty-one games into the season without naming their leadership, but that changes today as the team finally announced an internally anticipated decision. GM Dtayl, along with assistant GM Peace, opened a team vote for who their leadership should be after a solid team effort to climb from the bottom of the standings to the first place - however brief that was. 

Rylan Peace was named Captain after receiving a majority in the internal votes. Peace has recorded forty five points throughout the first third of the season, scoring twenty four goals and earning twenty one helpers to elevate the Wild to a level of competitive play alongside key members and developing prospects of the Saskatoon Wild. Peace played a partial season with Halifax, but this year he has really thrived under higher expectations and responsibilities. Peace struggled during the beginning of the season to produce offense, going scoreless in multiple games and failing to register a point during a drought, but he's exploded offensively for the Wild and climbed the league's scoring leader board. 

Chace Trepanier was named Assistant Captain after receiving a majority vote for the position. Trepanier has played all thirty one games for the Wild while - unlike Peace - maintaining a respectable scoring pace, consistently being an offensive tool for the Wild. Trepanier has potted twenty goals, earned sixteen apples for a solid thirty six points. Trepanier, like Peace and Dabarno, are the only individuals on the roster with a +/- of twenty! Trepanier has earned a solid reputation as a reliably winger for center Anthony Dabarno (8-21-29) and Rylan Peace, who make up the Wild's top line. 

Piotr Jerwa was named Assistant Captain after receiving the majority votes of the remaining votes. Jerwa is currently in his first season of the VHLM and - like Trepanier - is a constant, consistent offensive and defensive tool for the Saskatoon Wild. The Wild have allowed the least amount of shots against in the entire VHLM, a huge part of that solid team effort is the play of Jerwa throughout the season and - hopefully - he maintains this pace in a deep playoff run.

Toby Fitzgerald received a vote, but thanks to democracy in action, fell short of the assistant captain (2) position that went to Jerwa. Fitzgerald has been a stalwart on the blue line, and while less offensive than Jerwa, is a key element of the Wild's defensive identity. Fitzgerald leads the Wild in hits, ice time and power play points. In fact, ten of his twenty five points on the season have been tallied while his club is on the man advantage. 

And now here is an honorable mention: 

Anthony Dabarno was considered for both positions, but fell through the cracks as voting went on. Dabarno was acquired in a trade earlier this season and has immediately become a member of the Wild's new identity after a struggling start. The number one center has earned twenty nine points in thirty games, scoring eight goals and twenty one assists. What separates Dabarno from Peace and Trepanier is his superior discipline on the ice, as well as being a top face off specialist. 

Here is your Wild leadership: 
CAPTAIN: Rylan Peace
A. CAPTAIN: Chance Trepanier
A. CAPTAIN: Piotr Jerwa

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Review: This article gives nice insight into what is going on in the Saskatoon locker room and does so in an interesting way. I like the fact you shine a bit of light on all the players instead of heavily focusing on one or two. In general, I can say this is a good article that has all the qualities needed.

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