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Playing By Example


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                                                             PLAYING BY EXAMPLE

  Now I'm gonna give you members the low down on whom I think are some of the non top players making their mark on each club. Feel free to leave a comment on what you think of my write up. 

BTW, I'm trying out a new writing app called Pure Writer. I've replaced it with Writer Plus, which I thoroughly enjoyed but the bitch who made the app wanted access to all phone records, SD card, files etc. My written files would disappear when I denied access, so fuck the coder and fuck his app right up the shitter man.
OK, here we go.....


                                                           CALGARY WRANGLERS

    OK, lots of talent on a club that I dislike. Now if my ass had to pick an all around depth player to have on my team from Calgary it would probably be Evan Lawson @diamond_ace
 This guy by today's standards isnt big by all means but he plays larger than his size of 5' 10" 196. Ya gotta love a player who's willing go give it his all game in and game out. Players like this are the ones who are willing to go into the dirty areas of the ice and do battle for the puck and take one for the team. Every club needs a spark plug type of player like Lawson to fire up their team mates.
He's steadily improved his offensive numbers since he's joined the Wranglers. Last season he put up a respectable 30g and 40a in 72gp and Lawson is on pace for another point per game as well.
His hit totals could get close to 250 which has almost tripled from last years play and he should surpass last seasons shot block totals as well. What has dropped however is his GW, PPG and SHG due to getting less time on specialty team play but that's no fault of his own.
Skill wise nothing particularly stands out in his attributes but Lawson has an all around solid game. If you were to pick positives in the guys' play I'd say his skating and scoring would be his strong suits.
Its the little things these players do that make them valuable to a club. Where you get the high profile players who get all points and accolades, these guys' are the front line soldiers that do all the dirty shit and really don't get noticed. All hail Evan Lawson!


                                                                                                               HC DAVOS

    OK, pickins are slim on a club that's seen a number of changes this past season. Its like at the end of the night at a bar and all that's left are the women that no one wants to go home with. Ya just wanna  tap some ass but there's not much to choose from so you look for the one that seems to have the most potential.
So here goes.... This guy is Jacob Smith @jacobaa19. Yes, him. In only his second year with Davos he is on pace to almost double the offensive output from his inaugural season.
For Smiths 6' 180 lb size he enjoys laying the hits on opposing players. He is also adept at shot blocking which helps his goalie out when the netminder is down and out of the play. Jacob is a solid if unspectacular defence man on the blue line and he can be counted upon  at even strength and on special teams play. The only shit stain on his resume is his +/- but its indicative of the whole team in this department. I think Smith can only get better as he gains more experience and maturity. 
This would be the girl that you would leave with at the end of the night and luck out with as she'd surprise you by shaggin your your hammer and beans raw and you'd be surprised how adept she was in the sack.
The defence man that you don't notice on the ice but does all the little things right = Jacob Smith.


                                                                                          HELSINKI TITANS

   For my choice on the Titans I have to pick  Sidney Crosby @SidTheKid87I like this kid more than that other Crosby in the NHL.  Anyways this kid has good size and a set of good wheels for the weight he carries. He's also strong carrying and dishing the puck off to teammates.
 Crosby is very mature defensively for a first year pro and I love the fact that he keeps opposing players on their toes as he plays an aggressive style of game. Sid's also a man amongst men when it comes to shot blocking. In this area he's on pace for about 300 which is a crazy amount if you ask me. I like this rough and tumble young player and I believe the sky's the limit for this bugger. At the pace he is on he could reach 50 - 55 points this year. Expect more from this scrappy bastard. 
As far as potential goes Sid The Kid's ceiling is high as a kite. Smoke that ganja.


                                                          NEW YORK AMERICANS

    Actually for a team that's lacking any depth what so ever, I think the players on this club all have potential to be to be first line talent if they so apply themselves. We'll see how they turn out in the future.
Right now I'm reviewing this guy... defence man Joseph McWolf @McWolf. The first year player has made a good impression on NY with 5g and 31pts in 38 games this season.
The bonus to this guy's game is that he hits opponents as much as Floyd Mayweather hits his women around. The only difference is McWolf doesn't get domestic assault charges against him.
And this kid is also pretty good at blocking shot in from of his own net. He also has a bit of a mean streak to him as well.
McWolf plays the game unlike a lot of the VHL's sissy Euro style players. Watching him is like seeing a flashback of a  70 - 80's player. Ya gotta dig that throwback old school type of game.
All he needs to do is take his protein and creatine powder and juice up on the PEDS to add bulk to that 6' 2" lanky frame to be more effective. The skies the limit for McWolf. Reach for it.


                                                                                QUEBEC CITY MEUTE

    Next up on my non top dog player who's stock is rising on his perspective club is  Mr. Samuel Gate @streetThis third year player for the Meute is a defensive juggernaut who can pretty much do it all on the blue line.
Gate is strong like an adolescent bull and he charges like one on the ice, striking fear in opposing players. The only knock on him is he isn't one to use his fists even though he has all the abilities to be a pugilist.
The guy can also skate fast for his size and has elite puck handling and defensive skills. He should make a few voting ballots down the road for future all star games.
I think Gate can be put in all situations on his team and any club would be lucky to have such a strong talent in their perspective organization.
IMO, if Gate were to work on his scoring touch and fisticuffs he would be an all star defence man.


                                                                                        TORONTO LEGION

    I'm picking my former teammate Adam Warlock @Green from Toronto. I think with the amount of defensive talent this club has he's worthy and deserves some of the accolades. Plus, I'll pick whomever I want cuz its my article. Now I can't recall if he's been a defence man his whole career or he switched. Then again why am I bringing this up? I don't fuckin know. Whatever.
What I do think is that he doesn't get the recognition he so deserves serving the back end. Wait, that came out wrong but I'm gonna leave it.
Anyhooz, Warlock definitely has solid attritubes but nothing outstanding. Yet he plays like he's an over achiever and there nothing wrong with that shit.
Also what I like about Adam is that he's pretty steady offensively averaging around 35 - 40pts a season. The guys is also steady in the hits and shot blocking departments. He's not very noticeable out there but that's not a bad thing. He reminds me of the NHL's defence man Rob Ramage of the 80's.
Going into midway through the schedule Warlock's at almost a point per game pace so he could beat his previous high points of 65. Personally I hope he does. He's a great guy on and off the ice and it was a pleasure to be his former teammate.
Doesn't get the cred he so deserves...he's a solid MoFo.


                                                                                                      RIGA REIGN                                                                  
    This organization is stacked with offensive talent so it was hard ( That's what she said ) to pick a player from the group. With that though my choice will be Leph Twinger @DollarAndADream 
Its back to reality for the guy this year, considering what he achieved in his first VHL season. Then again most of his teammates that played above and beyond have also dropped off. The reason I chose Twinger is due to he's still young and can only see improvement if he keeps training. And I think he'll bounce back eventually. He has too many skilled guys' to play with and that'll help his game.

As for his skill level he  already has elite scoring and defensive abilities. He kinda reminds me of a poor mans McAllister right now. If I was to say the areas he needs to improve on they would be getting stronger and definitely  Leph needs some work on his passing skill.
I also  like that he lays out the big hits on any and everyone. I can see Twinger hovering around the 90 point mark for the rest of his career.  
I have to say that his parents were probably fuct up on crack or some other shit to name their kid Leph Twinger. Definitely a talented shit.


                                                                                       SEATTLE BEARS
    First off even though I'm on this club the logo fuckin smokes the pipe till she comes home. Let's get that Atari styled gfx changed man.

Lastly the guy I'm gonna write up about here is my teammate and sometimes line mate with another fuct up name in Mountain Thunderfist(fcuk) @AdamEss

Now  why would I pick this behemoth of a guy to comment on? Well he's big as they come and still raw with a lot of potential.

As it is now Fist is strong in his checking skills and he treats others like they're his little bitches. This player is the anti - cuck alpha male that has nothing to prove. Thunder likes to fight like his smaller teammate Kiaskov and together they both add grit and intensity to the team. The only difference is most don't wanna drop the glove with Mountain, unlike Kiaskov.

Thunderfist leads the team in PM and is third in hits on the club, so you know he's not a soft player. Opposing forwards are fully aware of Thunder so they'd better keep their heads up or be open to a 1990's  Scott Stevens  hit on Eric Lindros scenario.

Leading the bottom of the pack with 5 points he'll only improve upon that if he keeps working on his all around game. At this point Thunderfist plays like his name and is an integral part of the Seattle Bears with the shittiest logo in the VHL.

Every team in the VHL and VHLM all have their stars and depth players. I could have chosen other members of  each team that are deserving but(sex) I felt these guys' were deserving of some accolades. 
Its always the high profile popular players that tend to get all the attention. Sometimes the quiet fly on the wall players need the acknowledgment.
You need to have a mix of skill to find that measure of success.  And the depth players are just as important as the star players. 

So that's it for this short filled media spot on VHL members deserving of recognition in their value to their perspective clubs. Its a wrap.

Word count minus these ones: 2043
Claiming for the weeks of Nov 11, 18, 25 and Dec 2.





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22 minutes ago, Exlaxchronicles said:

The bonus to this guy's game is that he hits opponents as much as Floyd Mayweather hits his women around. The only difference is McWolf doesn't get domestic assault charges against him.


Some kind words, thanks about that! And LOL at that part hahaha

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