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that darn devise


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@Devise has almost killed my interest in this league. I wanted to re create ASAP but after talking to him I decided to stick it out this season and play my last season next year. However, it has been a slog since I really want to recreate and after waiting out over half this season might as well just keep waiting so it would't have been for nothing. Toronto wins they get my goalie who hasn't spend any money so far and will have 25 million or so to spend in the store. However my interest loses because well its just slogging. I have no intention of really doing anything with Brodeur because he is all but dead to me right now. I can't even be tasked to look games anymore because I just don't care. No one's fault but my own I suppose and how I am. I want to help Devise I really do, but it still does suck waiting around because he is a great guy and great GM, just sucks that my interest in Brodeur is absolutely 0. Can't wait until next season already.

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