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+3 TPE for sure


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Okay, now that I'm sure I'm getting 3 TPE from this I'm sticking with the title.


We're about halfway through the season right now, and it's neat to see the standing divided so cleanly at the halfway mark. The top four teams are separated by four points, but the gap between Quebec at fourth and Toronto at fifth is four times as large as that, and sixth-place Helsinki has nearly twice as many points as seventh-place Davos.


From the looks of things, we may be in for an actual playoff race or two. The Legion and Titans are set to duel it out for that final playoff spot, while all of the top four teams are a losing streak away from being forced into the wild card round. Despite leading the league in both goals scored and goals allowed, Seattle is not only mired in a playoff fight but actually sitting in third behind Calgary and Riga. Meanwhile, our scrappy little Quebec squad is chipping away with close wins to stay right at the edge of the first-round bye group.


Of course, we're still a sim or two away from the actual halfway point of the season, and then we have the whole second half to worry about. It should be entertaining, to say the least.

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