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S63 WJC TPE Special Event


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It's the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas music has plagued it's way back into the malls and every single radio station, snow is falling blissfully from the sky (Alberta life, you know?) and the World Juniors are back for the VHLM/VHLM. For the Week of November 12th to November 18th, we're making it even better for you! Want to earn some free TPEz all thanks to the World Juniors?


VHL.com BONUS: 1 uncapped TPE

-Write 150 words or more about this seasons VHL/VHLM World Juniors. Talk about a player, the team, predictions of anything. If you want to do a graphic for the WJC and tag the players you claim 1TPE as well.

-Only 1 uncapped TPE can be claimed for this event, but get in the spirit and celebrate the WJC with us!


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Had to spice it up for Banackock!
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10 minutes ago, BluObieZ said:

Omg 1 free tpe. Hold me back.

A bigger theme week is coming soon, we didn’t want to have this stomp on that when so few people are involved in the WJC.

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