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A Quik Announcement


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Hello VHL,


Today I have a pair of important announcements to make about the leadership of the league going forward. 


First, a bittersweet one. After just over 20 seasons, I have decided to step away from being a true VHL Commissioner. But don't worry, I am not going anywhere! In fact, just the opposite. I will be focusing all my time on the part of my job that I have come to enjoy most - continuing to develop the VHL Portal and managing the VHL server in general. 


There is a variety of reasons for this like a decrease in free time due to work, but most of all I just think it is what is best for both myself and the league. I can focus completely on what I want to be doing (which really has come to feel like more a hobby than a 'job'), and the league will benefit both from me focusing more on the Portal and having two very capable Commissioner's with a much fresher outlook and drive than I to run the day-to-day operations of the league. I will also be staying on as VHL Simmer. Overall this shouldn't be a huge change, as it is Beketov has been handling the large majority of the issues and things that come up daily. Mainly this is just a bit of a relaignment. 


As I will be maintaining those jobs, I will be a bit more involved than previous Commish's have been after they left official duty. Because of this, I think we decided that I will move to a new administrator position - somewhere between the commissioners and the admins. Of course, I will be there to help out with the day-to-day when needed and provide unsolicited advice - but I think with me focusing on the Portal and the new Blue team focusing on the operations, we will be in good shape going forward. 


That's enough about me though. I might do some media spots with some reflections on the past 20 seasons, but for now I want to get on to my replacement. 


I'm happy to announce that @Quik will be the new VHL Commissioner working alongside @Beketov. Although technically an original member, Quik's long time away from the league has made him much more of a newer member, or at least an old one not stuck in the ways of the past. He came back with fresh ideas and motivation to improve the league and I think he will continue to do that as Commissioner. I very much believe that it takes a certain type of personality to be an effective Commissioner and I think Quik ticks all the right boxes. 


Of course, we will still have trusty@Beketov as well, who has been an absolute pleasure to work with over the past several seasons. I think him and Quik will make a formidable Commissioner'ing duo. 



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God that pun, I knew I should have announced this myself haha.


Seriously though into been a please @Will. I know you aren’t really going anywhere but still. We got off a bit rocky with where the league was when you first came back to active commishing duties but I like the think we lead the league not only through those but into a better future as well... man that sounded cheesy. Anyway, enjoy the pseudo-retirement while you keep adding to the portal.


As for you @Quik, I look forward to working with you. Ever since returning you’ve lit a fire under many an ass and are always looking for ways the league can improve. It made you an obvious choice when we were looking for who should join the blue team and I’m glad you accepted.

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You guys have no idea what you've just unleashed on the league!


For real though, I appreciate the trust being placed in me to join the Blue Team, and will do my best not to make a mockery of the title. I look forward to working with @Beketov to continue the upward trajectory the league has seen in recent seasons, having transitioned from one of the darker periods in league history to one of its brightest, in relatively short order!


Also, I want to take a second to thank @Will for everything he's done as a Commissioner. I always believe that the true mark of success is leaving something in a better position than when you arrived, and he's truly done that. If not for his immense efforts, we wouldn't be anywhere near where we are today, and it leaves me with the tough task of following his incredible time as Commish. I know he's not going anywhere, and the man has already been enshrined in the Hall of Fame Builders' section, but he really does deserve every mention of praise for his efforts.


But that's enough about him, let the reign of Quik begin!



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4 minutes ago, Ahma said:





No Draper, no Jardy, no Higgins


sad ?


god damn


but at least we have beketov, who is awesome :)

@Will is definitely still gonna be around as the head simmer and doing portal stuff. Think of him as like Executive Admin. He just won’t be ha sling day to day operations as much.

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