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S37 Draft Facts


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Every year the VHL Entry Draft brings us tons of story lines. Whether those stories are two players from a VHLM team going #1 and #2 overall or even no Founder's Cup champion going in the first round. This years draft is not short of story lines and statistics and we like to look at some of the normal, bizarre and unbelievable statistics when it comes to the young prospects. Here is your inside look at the S37 Victory Hockey League Entry Draft



The tallest player in the draft is LeBron King Gonzalez who hails from Puerto Rico is listed at 6'8". Gonzalez has little to no progression and will most likely be a fourth round draft pick. The smallest player in this draft is Kristian Stormborn who is listed at 5'7" and is from Norway. Stormborn appears to be a late round pick as well.



This draft has a good crop of players from various countries around the world. The United States has ten players currently eligible to be drafted which leads all countries. Canada is second with eight players for the draft, followed by Sweden who has three. Next up is a tie between Finland, Norway and Russia who all have two of their prospects listed in this draft. After that there is a mix of countries represented such as Ireland, Ukraine, Denmark, Japan, Germany, Switzerland and Korean Republic.



​This year we saw a huge boost in our draft size because of a recruitment to other sources around the internet. The major contributor to our cause was Reddit who helped us gain 9 draftees for our current draft. HFBoards and Canucks.com Message board are two other helpers as they gave us 2 members each. SBAForum gave us the lone member in which we have recorded. Some members never claimed to have come from one of these sites so we can't assure you these statistics are accurate to the fullest.



This draft has some very good players and then some all-star franchise players. Tom Slaughter is neither of those, he would most likely fit into the "can't miss ever" category. Slaughter recently got to 300 TPE which is obviously higher than any draftee but also higher than 22 players currently playing in the VHL pro level.



We mentioned earlier that teams in the VHLM also look at the draft to see if their players go and where they are taken. This year the Yukon Rush will be watching seven of their draftees go into the draft. Turku will not see any players this year as they never claimed any off waivers for the VHLM or through trade. Most teams averages around two or three S37 draftees outside of these two teams listed.

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Naw there's 3 members coming from the SBA this draft class. Me, Stevo and Lebron King Gonzalez but I guess he's inactive.

Not the way it was listed on their pages, that's why I counted 2

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  • Admin

Is 300 a record for pre-draft TPE? IIRC, Kanou used to have the most and he had something like 280.

Yeah I believe so. I have to look to see how that's even possible.

Ah, 12 days of Christmas and donations. And a crazy long off-season.

Also, we should probably raid and piss off reddit again.

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