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First off, I'd like to state that this will be a stream of consciousness, Meg-style Fan 590. There will be no paragraph breaks and it'll all kind of loosely tie into the thing right before it, except for this sentence and the prior one. So I just got back on the staff for the VHLM Mag. I say "back" on the staff because I was on it initially, and left due to the uncertainty of whether things were going to be done in a given week, as some weeks an edition would come out and other weeks one would not. This was extremely frustrating, so I started writing regular articles and just posting them for grades. Just recently, they seemed to have everything back together, where an edition would come out once a week, so I joined back up. Ideally, the VHLM Mag is the job I most want in the league, even over the VHL Mag, because I feel like the VHLM is underappreciated. So naturally, I was rather excited to get back in when they were coming out with regular editions. Except then it stopped. I wrote an article for 23 and there has been no 23. 22 came out on February 20, which means it's been 9 days since an edition came out. Surely a few extra days won't be an issue in the long run, I'm sure, but then again it's making me rather nervous. Did I break the VHLM Mag again? If so, can I be trusted to play hockey with it in the house or will I always break it?

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