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World Junior Championships!


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It's that time of year again. The Season 63 World Junior Championships have come. The highly anticipated tournament that everyone seems to love is finally here! We are making a 150 word article about it because.......reasons..... We asked Ryuu Crimson about his previous experience on Silver Medal winning Team Asia. "It was fun, I scored a few goals, played with players I never expected to ever play with, and won a medal. Not proud it's silver, and that we lost by one, but hey, we tried."


We asked Ryuu Crimson about his predictions about the World Juniors. "Oh, Canada for sure is coming first. I mean, come on. Anthony Dabarno? Rylan Peace? Kevin Weekes and Brick Wahl? Toby Fitzgerald? That's such a good lineup, it's unfair. Good luck to all the other team but holy, that is one powerful team. Peace is such a good winger, the best Right Winger I've played with, same with Anthony, him and Nathan (MacKinnon) were the best centers I have ever played with. Weekes and Wahl are awesome too. Weekes was really good back when I was with him and Wahl is just so big and skilled."


This will be an exciting event to watch and we are excited. As for Ryuu? "Oh yeah, I'm very excited to see what will happen. It was fun to play and it's just as fun to watch."

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