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Recruitment Team Staff Changes


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Hello Everyone,


It is with sadness that the Recruitment team is having one of our members step down. @Tagger revolutionized the Retention role and excelled greatly at it. He will be stepping down as he will be more busy and believes that he cannot give the role he believes it deserves. 

@Tagger had this to say

"Some opportunities are coming up for me in the real world and I won't be able to keep up with what is required for this role when they become available to me."


As sad as it is to see him go we knew we had to find the right member for the job. One of our first choices @McWolf has accepted the job and will be immediately be taking over duties as Recruitment Team (Retention) he will be taking over all of @Tagger's roles within the Recruitment Team.


Welcome to the Team @McWolf

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Really sad to see @Tagger step down from the retention role, as it was basically him that made the role what it is right now. I'm stoked that I was @Beaviss and @Spade18's first choice to cover for him and that I get this chance so early in my VHL career but, to be absolutely honest with everyone, it's pretty scary that I'm the one that has to step up and follow in Tagger's steps. He paved the way nicely, setting up things like the Newsletter, the Pressers for VHLM Players and, of course, the daily updated Draft Rankings. He did so much for the league, especially for the new members, making sure they feel at home it in the VHL(M), even though it can feel pretty overwhelming at first. So, in the coming weeks, I'll do my best Tagger impression and try to pursue every single little project he had going on, along with continuing to be a welcoming presence and a helper for new members on the forums and on the Discord server.


Thanks again to the 3 of you, really. I'm hyped for this new challenge!

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Congratulations to @McWolf on getting the job, I'm sure he's going to do a great job given that he's been a very productive member since joining the league and it's actually extremely fulfilling in itself knowing that the person to take over from me is one of those members who I've helped to get started whilst I was in the role myself. 


Big thanks also to @Beaviss and @Spade18 in offering me the job and working with them over the course of the job. Funnily enough it was me realising that I'd been both their first VHLM GM that encouraged me to apply for the role in the first place and figured that I'd attempt to bring the same effort I did in making their introduction to the league as easy as possible to a more league-wide scale and I'm happy to see that it's been well received and I'm happy to see the big things that those two have gone on to in this league. Also thanks to @Banackock and the VHLM GMs for their work in the VHLM while I've held the job. The VHLM is in a considerably better place than it ever was than with my first few experiences with it and it's thanks to their efforts that the league has reached this point.


For anyone wondering looking at the announcement, I'll still be active on the forums and such and should even be able to still get my 12 TPE pretty consistently, it's just I knew with the time I'd need to study, continuing to hold the role would have a negative impact on both the attention the role got and my studies, and I'd much rather see the role handed over to someone who is more than capable of filling it beforehand rather than holding onto it for too long and letting the quality drop. 

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Thank you for everything you've done for the team and the league @Tagger as you mentioned, you did such a great job of welcoming me to the league, and that locker room atmosphere you created in Vegas my first year is the gold standard of what I look to achieve as a Recruitment team member, and as a VHL GM.  The things you did for retention as far as the new member area on discord, and the live draft rankings have made the VHLM a great experience for new members.


And welcome to the team @McWolf! You've been a great addition to The Americans and from there I could tell you were the right kind of person we were looking for to fill Tagger's shoes.

I'm looking forward to the new ideas you bring the team and am looking forward to working together!

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