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Tristan Iseult losing his touch?


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After a stellar start of the season, Tristan Iseult of the Quebec City Meute now struggle to find his game. He just lost four games in a row. A first since the season started. It’s also a first that he even lost more than 2 games in a row. He tried his best to keep the score as close as possible, but as the days go, the worst are his performance. The streak of bad luck started against the Seattle Bears, a few days earlier.


It happened at home. Quebec City was hosting the Seattle Bears for yet another time in the season. The scoring started early on Tristan Iseult. Not even seven minutes into the game, David Kiaskov managed to find the net behind him. Before he managed to shake the goals out of his head Otto Axelsson added salt on the wound with another goal in less than two minutes. He was glad when Veran Dragomir managed to reduce the scoring deficit a few minutes after. However, after that, no one really managed to do anything. The coach pulled Tristan Iseult a minute before the end of the game to try to generate some attack but Matt Thompson had another idea in mind and scored in an empty net. The Meute shots only 20 times on Roger Sterling in the game while Iseult had faced close to twice the amount.


The team then moved on to Riga. They would have to face the Riga Reign in their own stadium. Once again, Iseult was the first one to get scored on. Jeff Gow managed to slide one behind him with the assist of Ryan Kastelic and Shawn Glade. He managed to hold them on for the rest of the period, but when the Second starte, things went sour again. Three minutes into the period. Luc-Pierre Lespineau-Lebrunette was punished for Charging. He went into the box for the following two minutes. A minute after, on the power play, Jeff Gow scored his second of the night on Tristan Iseult. A few minutes after the mid period, it was Podrick CAst’s turn to beat the Meute netminder. Nothing happened after for the rest of the game. The Meute didn’t manage to score once in the game and only tested Kallis Kriketers seventeen times.


The next game, the team would face the Seattle Bears, this time, on the road. Before the first period end, with 32 seconds before the last whistle, Otto Axelsson managed to beat Iseult to score the first game of the match on a pass from Gabriel McAllister. In the third period, a fight exploded between Mountain Thunderfist and Luc-Pierre Lespineau-Lebrunette, but fortunately, it didn’t cost any of the team a player. At the 15:33 mark in the period. It was Vyacheslav Smirnov’s turn to score on the English netminder. During the night Tristan Iseult had faced 30 shots while Roger Sterling managed to stop all of the 19 shots at him.


The last game Tristan Iseult played at home was probably the most disgusting one. The game started with a goal from Roctrion King in the first period. In the second, after yet another penalty to Luc-Pierre Lespineau-Lebrunette for hooking, Roctrion King scored once again on the power play this time. Quebec City managed to put one past Ismond Kingfisher as Marvin Harding scored. Thing didn’t end up well for the Meute as both Matthieu Bourdon and Roctrion King scored on him on the third, King finishing his hattrick. This all happened on 17 shots only, ending Iseult night with a save percentage of 0.765.


Can he bounce back?


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