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S63 Trivia W3 Results


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1 correct answer = 1 capped TPE + 1 point on S59 leaderboard
2 correct answers = 2 capped TPE + 2 points on S59 leaderboard



REMINDER: No question ever asked in VHL Trivia requires the use of season indexes.



1a. What was the only season of Scotty Campbell's career in which he did not win an individual award? Season 3


2a. Who is the only player to be named the VHL's Most Valuable Player and Top Rookie in the same season? Christian Stolzschweiger (S2)


3a. Who were the General Managers of the North American Teams in S1? Brett Slobodzian (CGY), Brett Noiles (HAM), Joey Kendrick (SEA), Aiden Alexander (TOR)


123b. Who were the General Managers of the European Teams in S1? JJ Krever/Matt Cornell (AMS), Jay Bris/Jeff Downey (HSK), Zach Crosby/Chris Julien (STO), Lucas Tannahill (VAS)





1 TPE for Questions

@street (2)

@Quik (2)


2 TPE capped for answers

@Velevra (2) 

@omgitshim (2) 

@Quik (2) 

@Jubo07 (2) 

@McWolf (2) 

@Enorama (2) 

@CowboyinAmerica (2) 

@Sonnet (2) 

@Victor (2) 

@Arthur (2) 

@hedgehog337 (2) 

@SlapshotDragon (2) 

@oilmandan (2) 

@BOOM™ (2) 

@jRuutu (2) 

@Poptart (2) 

@BladeMaiden (2) 

@Reives (2) 

@Kisshan (2) 

@SidTheKid87 (2) 

@leafsman (2)

@Hybrid1486 (2)


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