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S63 WJC Awards


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S63 WJC Awards


The Season 63 World Junior Championship has finally come to a close. The commissioner team ( @McWolf@Banackock and myself) would like to congratulate @Jubo07 on leading Team Canada to their 2nd gold medal victory in a row (S62 & S63). Jubo07 has also Managed a Canadian World Cup team to gold in S62 making this his third consecutive Gold, he has yet to have a championship loss in the world competitions as a General Manager. We may have just witnessed the makings of a Hall of Fame General Manager today. We would also like to offer our thanks to every other General Manager who took the time to participate in this tournament, you all made this an interesting experience and this tournament would not be what it is without dedicated people like yourselves. @Esso2264, @oilmandan, @Nykonax, @ShawnGlade and @Sohva have all been great leaders for their respective teams throughout this event and we hope to see you all return as general managers in the future. This year we added two additional award placements as we adopt the WJC All-Star Team Format, where we create a team from the best of the WJC players. The MVP Award will continue to be given out as in previous seasons. And now, without further ado, we are honored to present to you your Season 63 World Junior Championship All-Star Team:


S63 WJC All Star Team


The Forwards – Kisshan Shan (ASA) @Kisshan, Dan Wilinsky (CAN) @oilmandan & Roctrion King (CAN) @Romaris


The Defenseman - Dylan Nguyen (ASA) @Dtayl, Paolo Nano (EUR) @leafsman


The Goaltender – Alexander Pepper (ASA) @Sonnet


MVP - Alexander Pepper (ASA) @Sonnet




Congratulations to everyone that won an award and thanks to everyone that participated in the event! Staff, GMs, players, you all helped to make Season 63’s World Junior Championship a successful one! We look forward to seeing you all again in next season’s WJC.

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