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S64 VHL Draft Rankings, Week Five: Capped TPE Rankings


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Rank Change Player Name TPE Team Nat. Member
1   D - Ryan Sullivan Jr 219 YUK USA Advantage
2   C - Ryan Zabby 174 YUK CAN RyanZabby
3   D - Piotr Jerwa 161 SSK POL majesiu
4   G - Brick Wahl 158 SSK CAN BladeMaiden
5   LW - Elias Dahlberg 158 OTT SWE Nykonax
6   C - Mark Gebauer 148 OTT GER Sova
7   G - Finn Davison 146 OTT UK Poptart
8   C - Joel Ylonen 136 LVA FIN Esso2264
9   D - Eric Parker 131 LVA USA EParker24
10   C - Gucci Garrop 125 YUK CAN JG10
11   D - Jagger Philliefan 125 YUK USA Philliefan
12   RW - John Madden 122 HFX CAN Thranduil
13   RW - Nathan N 122 YUK CAN NathanN
14   D - Evgeni Komarov 112 HFX RUS Gooningitup
15 Up 3 LW - Kyson Blake 111 SSK USA TMI
16 Down 1 LW - Dan Baillie 109 YUK CAN wcats
17 Down 1 RW - Diljodh 98 LVA CAN DillsPickle
18 Down 1 RW - Pat Svoboda 98 OTT SWE StamkosFan
19   C - Curtis Gary 89 SSK USA CurtisG93
20   C - Connor McDavid 80 LVA CAN Rocketman04
21 Up 1 G - Divaani Sohva 73 OSL FIN Sohva
22 Down 1 RW - Sven Hitz 72 OSL CAN JayF
23 Up 2 RW - Anton Edvin 62 SSK EST caltroit_red_flames
24 Down 1 C - Didi Kona 56   DJI ninetyfourgoalie
25 Down 1 D - Jonathan Hill 56 HFX CAN Fowll
26 Up 3 D - Bolt Vanderhuge 55 OSL ZAF kayfabe
27 Down 1 D - Max Coffey 53 OTT CAN Aero
28 Down 1 C - Kip Baier 50 SSK CAN Kip Baier
29 Down 1 C - Andrew Taylor 48 LVA USA ATaylor27_
30   RW - Rocky LaGarza 47   USA SwagSloth
31   G - Marcel Vincent 46 OSL CAN Trifecta
32   LW - Jack Lockwood 46 LVA USA JSS
33   D - Alexander Kachur 43 LVA CAN Kachur
34   LW - William Karlsson 42   SWE wiggo
35   C - Tyler Grupac 38 OTT USA TMG1017
36   G - Raike Rantalla 38   CHE Savoire Faire
37   LW - Viktor Howchin Wallen 36 LVA AUS tequbs
38   LW - Wilson Ristau 36 LVA CAN Brock Boeser
39   LW - Leander Foxxe 34 YUK CAN NightHawk_787
40   RW - Gene MacTavish 32 HFX USA Zeniaz
41   RW - Iniquity 32 OTT CAN IniquitY


In this edition of the weekly rankings, I decided to revisit an important aspect in the scouting of draftees, something Tagger already covered once, a couple weeks ago: Capped TPE. It might be hard to look at the live rankings and determine who are the fastest TPE earners in the league. When you compare two players with similar TPE, you gotta take a lot of stuff into account to really compare them and decide who's going to be the better player on the long run. Two players might seem similar, but the two of them could have joined at very different moments, meaning the most recent member is actually the faster earner. Then again, even if two players with similar TPE earned joined around the same time, the two might not have earned the same type of TPE. Getting your biography and your rookie profile out of the way early usually makes you noticed around the league, but if you decide to wrote those at the expense of weekly activities, you're not doing better on the long run. These two tasks are valuable once-in-a-career opportunities, but if you are toe-to-toe with a player that hasn't done them, it means he earns more capped TPE than you and he still has the opportunity to get around to do his biography and his rookie profile later in his career, whereas you won't be able to add precious capped TPE in these weeks you didn't do enough.


For this reason, I do believe that comparing players based on their weekly capped TPE average is an interesting way to see who's earning TPE at the faster rate. Of course, it's not the only thing that should be taken into account, but it's a good first step into seeing which players in this draft class could be the future stars of the VHL. In the next table, you will see the top 30 capped TPE earners of the next draft class. To be fair with everyone, I started measuring players' capped TPE from the first week in which they seemed to have things figured out. If a member barely did anything in his first week in the league, I left it out of calculations. Similarly, I dropped the week that basically just ended from the calculations for members than gained noticeably less capped TPE in it, compared to their weekly pace, as they might have done the tasks, but might not have claimed them yet. Below the table, you'll find a quick word about the 5 fastest TPE earners so far in the S64 draftclass.




1. A little surprise at the top of the rankings, as I was expecting to see Sullivan at #1, but it is newcomer @StamkosFan who actually earned the most capped TPE per week in this draft class, effectively capping at 12 every week since he joined, three weeks ago. He hasn't been here for long, but he looks like he's gonna be here for the long run and he showed us this ain't his first sim league rapidly. He uses every tool at his disposition, writing media spots for the VHL or one of its associate leagues every week, along with VHL.com articles, press conferences, trivia and even reviewing, on weeks when there was no trivia.


2. Next up is professional chirper and Discord server resident, @BladeMaiden. She came one task away from joining StamkosFan and scoring a perfect 12 too, as she was only lacking reviewing TPE in her first week to reach the cap in that week. Since then, she capped 5 weeks in a row, thanks to a combination of graphics, podcasts, WJC Commissioner pay, press conferences, reviews and trivia. When asked about the reasons why she missed those 2 TPE in her first week, she said "I didn't know what I was doing. It's unfortunate, because I look back and I want the TPE back." When you are at the point where you are disappointed in yourself for missing 2 mere TPE once in your career, you know you're going to continue at this rate for a long time.


3. The player at the top of the TPE rankings since the beginning of this list, @Advantage, earns an average of 11.0 TPE every week. The fact that he's a veteran member, that he knows what he's doing and that he's been trusted with an Updater job as soon as came back all point towards him enjoying another lengthy and successful career in the VHL. The fact that Ryan Sullivan Jr is the son of Hall of Famer Ryan Sullivan and that Advantage aims at having him join his father in the Hall is an added bonus.


4. This is only the fourth player on this list, but we're already having a second goalter, as @Poptart has been earning TPE at a weekly rate of 11.0 since joining. He is mainly claiming affiliate point tasks, adding press conferences, VHL.com articles and the occasional reviewing or trivia to reach such high heights. At this point, the question is not if Poptart's player is gonna turn out great, this already seems obvious. The question is more: Are there any starter spot available in the VHL for both BladeMaiden and him?


5. Rounding out the top 5 is a third member of the Ottawa Lynx, @Sova (surprising, right?). Sova is a good example of player for who the first couple weeks were a little rougher, as he claimed EFL PTs and press conferences for 8 capped TPE for 2 straight weeks. Since then, he hasn't missed a single capped TPE, going on 4 straight weeks where he effectively reach the cap. He seems to be writing EFL media spots every week, so he should be developping well here as long as he develops well down there too.


@Nykonax @majesiu @TMI @Esso2264 @Thranduil @RyanZabby @Aero @Eparker24 @Gooningitup @DilIsPickle @JayF @kayfabe @SwagSloth @Philliefan @JG10 @Rocketman04 @wcats @CurtisG93 @Sohva @NathanN @caltroit_red_flames @Trifecta @Fowll @Kachur

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