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Hey people I’m here to grab up some juicy juicy TPE. Anyways here is the story of how I signed with NETFLEX and how the brand changed the way we play hockey and do just about anything


There I was, practicing at the rink. I was drilling pucks at the net in hopes of making my shot better. As time went on the net started to rip. I ignored it at first and continued to shoot. I used the same net for the next couple days and I started to notice there were a ton of holes in the net. So I went out and bought some new netting. Same thing happened as the net was ripping so fast! This annoyed me so much I couldn’t sleep at nights. I kept getting nightmares about nets ripping. I became so scared I refused to shoot on a net! I practiced shooting by drawing a net on the wall. One day a man in a suit was walking through the rink and he noticed me shooting at the wall and came over to me. He asked me why I was shooting at the wall and ruining the drywall.

I told him the story of the nets ripping and he began to tear up. He gave me his business card and told me to come to his office the following week. I thought nothing of it and went back to putting holes in the wall. The following week I arrived at this large building with a “NETFLEX” logo on it. I proceeded inside and got directions from the receptionist. I went up to the mans office and we had a conversation. Turns out this man is @Romaris. He offered me a brand deal with NETFLEX. He should me their netting and I immediately got hard. The netting was amazing! It was so thick but also so soft at the same time. I immediately signed the contract and threw the pen and paper at his face. I grabbed up as much of the twine as I could and I bolted to the arena. I changed the old rotting netting with the NETFLEX one and began shooting. This was the greatest netting I have ever seen. I fell in love with it and it became my favourite thing in the world. I loved it so much I fact that I replaced my bed with a hammock made with NETFLEX twice and that is what I sleep on! I made it my mission to replace all old crappy twine with the superior NETFLEX one. I loaded up a truck with as much as I could and I went on a trip all around the continent. I gave every arena I passed by with this amazing product and they all fell in love! All around the continent (and eventually the globe) all hockey netting was replaced with the NETFLEX ones! People stopped sleeping on beds and slept on NETFLEX hammocks! They also began making sweaters and socks out of the netting! Not to mention the NETFLEX condoms! NETFLEX twine revolutionized everything we use! All hail @Romaris and his obviously superior netting.

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