VHL Endorsment Contracts S64

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S64 Endorsement Contract Finance Sheet


Brand Executives will post their endorsement contracts in this thread. Players must quote the post and confirm that they agree to said endorsement deal. Endorsements may run anywhere from 1-5 seasons in length. Neither party may terminate an endorsement deal in the first season of an agreement. Until a player has officially agreed to an endorsement contract, they are free to sign with any of the 6 Brands. Once a player has agreed to an endorsement deal, they can only sign with another brand if their contract has been terminated (either by the player, the brand, or a mutual termination).


Each Brand has the following endorsement slots available for non-Brand Executive players in S64:


1.     $3,000,000  

2.     $2,000,000  

3.     $1,500,000  

4.     $1,250,000  

5.     $1,250,000  

6.     $1,000,000  

7.     $1,000,000  

8.     $750,000  

9.     $750,000  

10.  $750,000  

11.  $500,000  

12.  $500,000  

13.  $500,000  

14.  $250,000

15.  $250,000


At least three (3) paid endorsement slots must be occupied by a VHLM player.


@Brand Executive if you wish to move a player to a higher endorsement slot, please post in here for the player to confirm.



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On 1/9/2019 at 10:22 AM, jacobaa19 said:

Ohhh yeaaa

This contract is void. In error, Diljodh was left off of Netflex’s brand finance page. I apologize, @jacobaa19 you are free to sign with another brand, should you wish

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