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Rookie Profile - Matteo

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Age: 27

Height: 5’ 10”

Weight: 185 lbs

Team: Halifax 21st

Hometown: Buffalo, NY



Matteo was born into hockey.  His parents were huge fans of the sport and this translated into hockey becoming a major role in Matteo’s life.  While neither of his parents were big time hockey players they set him up for success as long as he was driven.  And driven he was.  Matteo wanted to be on the ice every waking moment.  When he wasn’t practicing he was watching his favorite players trying to absorb all he could.  This all made him a top line skater throughout his life but he wasn’t quite ready for the big leagues yet.  After some stellar performance in the top leagues around the world it’s time for him to take on the top of the top, the VHL.  He get his start in season 64 of the VHLM with Halifax 21st , a well known team looking to use Matteo’s talent to hoist the Founder's Cup .



Positioning:  Matteo knows where to be on the ice at all times.  In the offensive zone look for him to keep his feet moving and free himself up.  On defense he will cover the point but knows when to move to the puck.  During the breakout Matteo will go wide to open the ice for his linemates to set up the offensive play. 

Discipline:  Matteo has been playing this game his whole life.  He’s watched every type of player and knows who he wants to be.  And that’s a clean straightforward guy.  Everything he does off the ice is to make sure that when he hits the ice he is doing everything he can do give his team a scoring opportunity.  He’ll keep it clean though, he hates giving the other team an advantage.  His actions are precise, almost robotic at times.  Like this is the only thing he knows how to do.  Some teams are looking for that, some aren’t.  He’ll find where he fits in.

Quick Shot:  Travolta called, he wants his title back.  This kids wristers are so greasy its amazing hits mitts stay on.  Snaps so quick snapchat sued.  You can visit Eichel in Boomtown all you want, this guy’s the mayor of Snap City.  


Creativity:  The downside to this guy’s discipline is how predictable he can be.  His 1 on 1 with defenders has room for improvement.  You’ll see him setting up a dump and chase more often than most because when he tries to puck handle around the defense he’ll turn the puck over too easily. 

Size:  Matteo has a fire in him, but reality is reality, he’s just not that big of a guy compared to the other guys on ice.  He’s got no problem going to the boards but he can get muscled off the puck easily.  You tell the guy to hit the gym during the offseason but you’ll find him at the rink with a stick and puck in hand. 

Team Chemistry:  While his colleagues may be partying it up downtown or chipping some hicks at the produce stand Matteo tends to stay late at practice on the ice or catches the night’s game at home.  He’s got no problem inviting his teammates over but to some his nose to the grindstone attitude can be off-putting.  This can affect his on ice performance when his linemates and him aren’t on the same page.  He’ll take some time to get use to but he will be rewarding when given the right environment. 

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